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  • Yeah the bloat is a problem. I caved and pulled out my maternity stuff. Some is just larger sizes, but my work attire options aren’t great right now. Every pair of jeans is like nope not doing it, by the end of the day I’d be soooo miserable. Strange thing is before we started the fertility stuff again they weighed me. I stopped caffeine cold, no coffee or soda. I weigh less now than I did at the start in July. 
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  • @stella_700 the bloat is a problem here too! I have maybe lost a pound or two or am at about the same weight but my pants went unbuttoned for most of the day. I think I switched to maternity clothes at 10-11 weeks with my 1st and 8 weeks with my second. I'm hoping to make it to at least 8 weeks this time! Especially since I thought we were done and gave away a bunch of my maternity clothes last winter... oops.
    We're having an alien baby in December!!!!!!
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  • Yep, I feel so bloated. Don't come anywhere near me right now with anything but leggings, sweatpants, and maxi dresses. 
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  • I made it to week 26 with #1 without having to buy maternity clothes. With #2, it was maybe end of 1st tri. With this one, I busted them out before the stick was dry  :D No regrets. I'm so bloated and my ute is stretching herself out like, "Ah yeah, make some room for me, other internal organs!"
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  • @TattoosandLace Ahhhhh! I love them! Give me all the puppies!
  • Some of these "daily facts" the bump gives me are so dumb. Today's is "today your baby can fit on the face of a watch" umm 1. Watches come in lots of different sizes and 2. Hasn't this always been true? 
  • @thepretzelchick I've got a cart full of motherhood maternity oversized sweaters and leggings that I'm going to hit purchase on soon and I'm going to be living the dream. My old stuff has had it and I can't wait to be snuggly and stretchy all the time as soon as it cools down.

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  • emlettuce said:
    Some of these "daily facts" the bump gives me are so dumb. Today's is "today your baby can fit on the face of a watch" umm 1. Watches come in lots of different sizes and 2. Hasn't this always been true? 
    I screenshot this daily and send them to my sister and her girlfriend. They are so stinking excited for another niece/nephew. 
  • @TattoosandLace lots of puppies! What kind are they? Sorry, I may have missed it somewhere before. 
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    CP: 6/14/19
    DH's Dx: low morphology 

  • I just sat down and cried because DH was supposed to come back from the grocery store with a fresh mixed fruit cup. It's the only thing that sounds good to eat. He checked it off our shared grocery list...I went on a long, nauseated walk with DD and thought about the cup the whole time. As soon as I get home, I go for the fridge and DH informs me it wouldn't ring up at the register. Just sad sad tears. Debating going myself right now...but I'm also so tired.
  • @jrouge12 solidarity. I’m having a rough day too. Hope you get your fruit cup. I understand how important it is. 

    AFM the grocery store is a dangerous place. So many smells attacking you all at once. I’ve been doing grocery pickup because when I’m in there I can barely think. DH wanted to make something specific tonight so we went in. I spent the whole time feeling sort of panicked like “what if I actually throw up in here?” I did eventually go for it when I got home. It felt like I lost everything I’ve ever eaten. Then I had a nap. Now I’m awake and I feel so groggy like I took Benedryl (I didn’t), I’m just trying to wake up. Sitting on the back porch now, still groggy, trying to keep down what I ate for dinner. 
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  • @TattoosandLace puppies!!! I love them!! 😍

    This is the first time I’ve logged on all day. We had marching band this morning and afternoon. After DD went to bed this evening H and I deep cleaned our house in preparation for DD’s birthday party tomorrow. We still have more to do tomorrow before the party at 3, but we made good progress. I also need to do all the food prep tomorrow.
  • @mokay19 they are German Shorthaired Pointers. :)
  • @TattoosandLace I'm patting myself on the back right now for guessing correctly! MH and I have discussed GSP's as a potential dog some day. We have Great Danes now, but he gets to take a dog to work with him and his job requires a lot of hiking and general outdoorsiness (not a word), so we like to think of what would be a good fit.
  • @ruby696 I was not a huge dog lover until I met my husband. GSPs sure are a special breed. They are wicked smart. So incredibly good with our kids. All of our dogs (with the exception of Breeze) have grown up around our babies and our babies have grown up around dogs. They are definitely a high energy breed, but if your H has him/her going outside then by the time they're home from work dog should mellow. Ours are really good about being calm in the house and definitely know when it's time to go hunting or go for a run.
    I secretly always wanted a Great Dane. :D
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