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TTC After a Loss

Intro TW: LC Mentioned

Hello, I decided maybe I should intro. (My name is Billie)

My husband and I met in 2016, started dating in 2017, married in June 2019. I had been divorced for almost 4 years when we got married.

**TW: LC** I have four kiddos, DD14, DS13, DS11, and DS7. They are wonderful, and I love them to the moon.****TW OVER****

Since my husband doesn't have any children of his own, we wanted to try right after we got married, but I struggle with hypothyroidism and knew I needed to be leveled out before trying. We waited for 6 weeks after a med adjustment, until bloodwork was good and Dr. gave us the go-ahead and then we started trying in August. 

***TW LOSS** I got a BFP on Sept 12, then MC on Sept. 17th, confirmed with falling betas. ***TW OVER***

We are excited to try again, and hope for all of you exactly what I hope for me- that my stay here is short and sweet.

Re: Intro TW: LC Mentioned

  • So sorry for your loss, but welcome! Hope you find the support you need and that you’re not here long.
    TTC history in spoiler
    Me: 31 Him: 37
    Married: Oct 2015
    Baby G born June 2017
    TTC#2: July 2018
    BFP #2: 2/6/19 MC 3/14/19
    BFP#3 from IUI #2: 6/30/20 EDD 3/9/21

    Babysizer Cravings Pregnancy  Baby Tracker

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  • Hello!!! I too have hypothyroidism. I had no idea until after my loss. I hope your stay is short and sweet. 🙂
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  • Also sorry for you loss. But welcome! Hopefully you can get out of here quickly! 
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