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  • @sbalding88 I find I have a hard time creating a vision when it comes to decorating here is my trick. I usually pick a wall hanging then work everything in the room around that. It helps tie it all together and gives me a direction. Usually works!

    For my nursery I bought these prints off Etsy! I downloaded them and am having them blown up and putting them in frames. I’m going to choose décor that go with the colours and themes of the wall hangings.
  • @lmac92 @sbalding88 Yes! This is my favourite way to get a decor idea going. Start with something you love for baby, maybe a print or a blanket or a larger toy, and use the colours from that to branch out into other things. For example, if you choose a print that is mostly green, but there are little flecks or spaces of a nice blue in it maybe that blue can be your wall or bedding colour. It's like word association but with colours.
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  • I’ve always found the. Easiest way to decorate is to look for professional photos of the room you’re decorating and then legit just copy what they do 🤷🏻‍♀️ That way it looks professionally done, but you typically can find everything at target and hobby lobby and so it costs like 3/4 less 😂
  • @sbalding88 - We're in the same boat. We just don't really "decorate" and we rent a house. So, we're embracing it. Picked out a neutral crib and a rocker, and we're just not worrying about a theme or color scheme otherwise. It was very freeing to just put that aside. Our general rule is neutrals, minimal pink, no "princess" stuff. Science & nature. We just pick out things we like.

    We've got some hand me down nursery stuff too (crib sheets, swaddlers, etc) and that has helped us feel even better about our no theme choice. No need for a theme when you already have all the crib sheets you need and they're all different patterns!
  • @skc040512 same! I'm very good at copying but awful at coming up with ideas. Someone else has already done a better job anyway!
  • @danibean19 This makes me feel better. I would love to have a beautifully decorated house and nursery, but lack of time, money, and skill all make it hard. I'll make sure my daughter has all the things she needs, but I'm not sure how pretty it'll look. If we own a home someday, I'll probably recruit my sister into helping me decorate my place because she actually has an eye for that kind of stuff. She just lives so far away it's hard to have her help me and we're limited on what we can do with painting and putting things on the walls. 
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