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1st Trimester

TMI: worried about miscarriage

lionsgurl829lionsgurl829 member
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Okay, I’m sorry if I sound psycho and ridiculous but I’m really worried. My husband and I were having doggy style sex this evening. He was putting it in and accidentally grazed the wrong hole before he put his penis in my vagina. I didn’t even think anything about it at the time, but now I'm freaking out something could happen to my baby. I’m almost 6 weeks. Has anyone experienced this and everything turned out okay? We tried for almost 2 years for this LO and I feel so stupid potentially jeopardizing the pregnancy 😢

Re: TMI: worried about miscarriage

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  • MalidociousMalidocious member
    edited September 2019
    You are absolutely fine, lol.
  • Why is everyone being so mean... don't answer her question if you're just going to ridicule. C'mon, everyone gets worried sometimes about little things. Just be nice. Or ignore the question.
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