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Gestational Diabetes

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Hi! Does anyone else have Gestational Diabetes in their first trimester? I didn’t have it with DS but my doctor also didn’t test me until alot later in my pregnancy. Now that I’ve switched to Kaiser, they tested me early and on and I have GD. 

I’ve been finding really hard to stick to this low carb, no sugar diet. I love fruit and can’t even snack on a whole banana w/o it raising my blood sugar. Anyways, just looking for ideas on snack ideas, motivation, etc? 

Re: Gestational Diabetes

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    I am just lurking from another board. Bananas are a tough of unless you like green ones. Always make sure you are eating a protein with your carbs it helps your body use them better. 
    Half of a banana or apple and nut butter is great. 
    Berries and cheese or cheese stick. 
    Cottage cheese and peaches or other fruit.
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    Eat a protein rich diet for every meal and 15 mins of walking after every meal. Avocado,hummus,eggs,beans
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    Lurking from March. I had gestational diabetes really bad when I was preg with my son. I will be tested for it earlier this time around. Protein was my friend. Lots of eggs. Low carb bread for breakfast. Just one slice..... walking after meals really helped control my blood sugars 
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