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Holidays with the new baby—advice needed!

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Anyone afraid to make holiday plans until they know if anyone is sick? I’m getting a little anxious at the thought of visiting family with baby during peak flu/sick season. Am I just being paranoid??

Re: Holidays with the new baby—advice needed!

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    I don’t travel before 2 month vaccines. As for the holidays, if anyone is sick then they are not allowed near the baby. 
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    I agree with @satuttle1014.  Wait until the 2 month vaccines are administered, and be ruthless with anyone who is sick.  Your baby's health is far more important than a sick family member or friend holding them.  Also, if you have to do air travel, bring bleach wipes and wipe down all plane surfaces and public areas.  I live in Alaska and have traveled with my two kids to the lower 48 when they were 2 months old.  I was just as paranoid as you are, and my pediatrician backed me up 100%. The flu for a baby can be devastating, but we as parents can take precautions to mitigate the risks. Just be ruthless! 
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