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Weight gain

Just curious how everyone is trending on their weight gain. I'm 32 weeks and at my last appointment had gained 10 lbs. Next appointment is next Tuesday. My first child I gained most of my weight in the last two months! 

Re: Weight gain

  • I’ve only gained 8 at 31 weeks. I got really sick my first trimester though and lost 7.
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  • I’ve slowly and steady kept gaining my whole pregnancy. I think I’m at about 40 pounds (which really makes me self conscious) but my doctor keeps saying it’s good weight gain. Luckily the weight has slowed to about a pound ever two weeks. 
  • I think I am somewhere between 25-30lbs from the start at this point. 34weeks tomorrow.
  • I know I'm over 30lbs from where I started. As long as I don't gain a lot suddenly with a lot of swelling, I'm not concerned.
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  • I’m curious how it’s going to end up. We’ve been so busy all summer and worked hard.  I’ve sweated ALOT.  I feed horses, weed eat, haul hay and feed, and we are building our house/barn/shop combo. I also own a business and it’s been insane this year!  

     At my last appointment I was only up 1.75#. I know that will change just bc I’ve slowed down a lot and not sweating as much now. I am 5’2” and was 179 at my 10 week appointment so i has plenty of extra to move around.. oh and I’m a FTM at age 40, lol.

    I keep hearing the last two months can be a huge difference. I haven’t been strict on my diet either, not crazy but just steady maybe is the right word. I’m hoping we start moving next week where I can start cooking again. I don’t like our food choices yet there is literally no time to cook at the moment.
  • I’m 36 weeks and up a total of 16 lbs. Started gaining most of it during third trimester. 
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