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GTKY: crockpot recipes

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@brookert615 and I started check-ins at the same time, so editing this to a GTKY of sorts!

It’s officially “crockpot season” around here. What are your favorite meals to make in the crockpot? Or desserts! Bonus points for recipe or link to recipe!

Re: GTKY: crockpot recipes

  • Sorry @daffodil_shoe :(! But I love this GTKY! One of my favorites is this pork! I make a summery potato salad with it that compliments it well :)

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  • great idea @daffodil_shoe! I've retired my crockpot in exchange for an instapot but love making soup!

    Kid-Friendly Sausage and Noodle Soup
    Cut up onion and sausage (I use chorizo) and saute in olive oil
    add 8 cups of chicken broth, 2 cans of kidney beans, 1 can of diced tomatoes, and one cup of small pasta (like dilatani). Cook in soup function or pressure cook for 6 minutes. Add chopped kale and recover, until kale wilts, serve.

    In a slow cooker I would still saute first and then cook on low all day, yum. But I would not add the pasta until the last 30 minutes or so, or cook separately and add at the end.

    We serve to all and then DH and I each put our favorite kind of hot sauce on top.
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  • Chicken fajitas 

    3 chicken breasts 
    1 sliced onion
    1 of each sliced bell pepper (red, orange and yellow)
    Juice of 1 lime
    1 can fire roasted tomato
    1 package of taco seasoning

    I put it all in the crockpot and cook on low for 8 hrs (or high for 4). Shred the chicken when it’s done, mix it all together and serve with tortillas and toppings (sour cream, cheese, guacamole, fresh sliced jalapeños and cilantro are our fav).

  • Best French dip sandwich you’ll ever have. So savory!! This is a freezer meal I made that’s intended to go into a crockpot. Obviously you don’t have to freeze it first, but also a good idea to make before baby comes:

    French Dip Sandwiches

    • 3 TBSP Onion Soup Mix
    • 3 TBSP Au Jus Mix
    • 4 TSP Chicken Granules
    • 4 cups Water
    • 3-4 lbs Beef Roast
    • really good “sub” style bread. 

    Put all ingredients (except bread) in your labeled freezer bag and place in the freezer.
    Place into the crockpot (ingredients can be thawed or frozen) and cook on low for 6-8 hours. Shred beef and serve over toasted subs. Top with Provolone cheese and dip in Au Jus juice.

  • @ibabyloveb87b your recipe reminded me of The Frugal Girls which, reminded me of their Green Chili Chicken recipe. It is so good on a soft tortilla with all of your favorite taco fixings, or a great extra addition to quesadilla or nachos. 

  • YESSSS! Crock pot life! I've got dry garbanzo beans simmering on low in my crockpot right now so I can make hummus after work.

    I also bought 2 artichokes since they're in season (and my fave)- just cover them with water and leave on high all day, steamed artichokes ready for dinner!

    Another favorite is what I call "everything and the kitchen sink veggie soup". I put all of the random halves and wilted things I have left for the week in the crockpot- onion, garlic, celery, mushrooms, carrots, potatoes, squash, etc. Cover with water, cook on high all day, then add salt and pepper and throw it all in the blender so it comes out smooth. It's always funny to see what flavor takes over- last week it was a creamy red pepper soup, this week it's a creamy mushroom soup (even though the main ingredient was zucchini). Makes a great filler to round out meals all week!
  • I'm so excited for crockpot season. I make a Vietnamese inspired pulled pork that we use for bahn mi sandwiches and rice or noodle bowls. It's so delicious. This is the recipe I've started with, but I've made some variations. https://www.greensnchocolate.com/slow-cooker-pulled-pork-banh-mi/
  • @ibabyloveb87 I do the same with salsa a lot! Have done the bbq sauce too which is awesome. 
  • Omg @daffodil_shoe I have most of these ingredients and that sounds amazing! Question- where do you find the au jus mix? With the bouillon, soup, gravy, etc?
  • This one is my favorite:

    It is super easy to make (5 min prep), delicious and healthy (less that 5 WW points).
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  • I primarily use mine for turkey chili! I don't remember the exact recipe, but basically I brown some ground turkey, toss it in the pot with a can or 2 of stewed tomatoes, can of tomato paste, can of corn, kidney beans, black beans (using all the juices!), and 2 packets of taco seasoning! 
  • @Swiftlet ya it’s just a packet, so probably by the rest of those paper packet mixes.
  • @babyroma that sounds so good with grilled cheese made with homemade bread. 

    This is might be my favorite thread of all time.
  • Roast: 

    choice of meat (my husband hunts, so we use deer meat) 
    cut potatoes 
    2 brown gravy packets 
    Campbell's Tavern Style Pot Roast sauce 

    Cook on low for 8 hours 
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    These are our go to crockpot meals

  • Love this thread! 

    I just made this for dinner tonight and it was it was a big hit! I served it over brown rice, added extra broccoli, and seasoned the chicken with onion powder as well. Cook uncovered so it is t too soupy.  I feel like this would be easy to make in the crock pot as well. 
  • Sadly I have no recipes to contribute, but posting so I can get updates and copy these down for using with my new instapot!
  • I have tons of great recipes, but a recent hit was root beer pulled pork sandwiches.  I did a pork shoulder, one can of root beer, and a bottle of bbq sauce.  So easy and kids loved it.
  • @TennisLove30 I love those Campbell’s packets! The pot roast one is very tasty :)
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