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What are you all eating for breakfast? I wake up feeling pretty blah and I know I need to eat but nothing appeals to me.

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  • I eat poptarts, oatmeal, or fruit. A lot of mornings I will also get a smoothie from the local smoothie shop.
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  • Oatmeal a lot. Also, when MH hasn't forgotten to get them, I enjoy a whole wheat English muffin with cream cheese.
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  • Most days I have eggs, yogurt, a smoothie and dry cereal or toast
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  • most days i have a fruit + protein smoothie.....fruit seems to be the only thing my body wants right now. Breakfast has been the most satisfying meal. I eat what i can during lunch and dinner.
  • A bowl of cereal usually, plus maybe some fruit. I've found I do a lot better if I have some protein. My therapist actually recommended getting protein enriched bread, English muffins, or waffles for breakfast or snacking, since they're still pretty bland for an upset stomach.
  • A bowl of cereal most mornings. Sometimes I'll have some apple slices or toast. When I'm feelin real fancy I'll do a fried egg on an everything bagel with guacamole and hot sauce.
  • My go-to has been Kodiak Cakes protein pancakes chocolate chip flavor. I add almond butter on top and have a banana with them. Quick and easy!
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  • Toast. About all I can eat in the morning. 

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  • I typically throw up as soon as I get out of bed (even if I’ve had crackers in bed before getting up) and then I can get some crackers in me.  I usually don’t eat my actual breakfast until I get to work which is usually Greek yogurt with some fruit.  
  • Breakfast is my enemies these days.  I've got the I know I should eat to feel better but eating it the last thing I want to do thing going on.  I've been trying to force myself to eat a little something early, a handful of crackers or pretzels, a small bowl of cereal, this week has been half a slice of pumpkin bread.  Then like @mandarenee898 I go with fruit and yogurt when I get to work. I have plain Greek yogurt with strawberries, granola and a little bit of honey.  
  • I'm definitely on the I know I should eat but nothing sounds good train. I usually try to make a smoothie but some mornings I dont have time and end up waiting to eat until I get to work or it's my kids snack time. 
  • Pretty much the only thing I can stomach is carbs and fruit. I had waffles for supper tonight. I’ve been craving apples a lot and they really help settle my stomach. 
  • This morning my oatmeal wasn't sitting well, so I ate what I could, and now I'm at work and eating crackers with cheese and cucumber slices. I kind of wish I had this for breakfast instead
    Momma to 3 angels and two amazing children
    F born June 2018
    W born September 2020
    #3 due November 2022
  • Toast with PB or Bagels with CC.  The thought of anything else, especially eggs... barf.
  • Normally I can't read this thread because it makes me nauseous, but thank you to everyone who recommended PB on toast! Something I can stomach.
  • @kath1414 - I've been craving apples too! And I didn't really like them much before. 

    I'm eating a granola or breakfast bar and an apple every morning, over the course of like 2 hours after I get to work. I found eating slower helps with the nausea and doesn't make me feel starving by the time I get to lunch.
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