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First period after loss, is it normal for it to be worse than normal?

This is my first period since the loss.  I misscarried naturally and the doctor confirmed my uterus had completely emptied.   But now my period symptoms are way more severe than I've ever had before.  Cramps and back pain more severe. Cramps to the point that my abdomen is even slightly tender.  Pain doesn't seem bad enough that I need to contact a doctor, but I was just curious if anyone has had a similar experience?  

Re: First period after loss, is it normal for it to be worse than normal?

  • OP, yes it can be a LOT worse the first period after. I also got ovulation cramps for the first time ever in my life. Basically the only normal after a MC is that there is no normal. It can also take 6+ months to get settled back into a 'new normal' so be prepared for some pretty wacky cycles. 

    I recommend temping... even if you were 28 days regular before, you may not be anywhere near that now, or at least not for several months. Temping is the only way to really know if you ovulated and if your post-MC cycles are really 'late' or if they're just being wacky because you O'd later than usual.  Temping helped and gave me a lot of peace of mind post-MC.
  • Mine was heavier, with more clots and cramps, and kind of took a bit to start. Like I had spotting that slowly picked up until it was a normal flow and then the cramping started. The cramps were nothing a little advil couldn't resolve, and the heaviness never gave me any concern. It lasted 7 days instead of the usual 5. While my cycle was a little irregular after that (4w, 6w, 5w, 4w), the periods were completely normal. 
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  • I had a chemical pregnancy 8/12, went off estrogen and PIO shots and got a light-medium period.
    I got my next period on 9/25 and have had light-medium bleeding with some clotting since 9/25 (13 days)....is that normal? I usually have a 34 day cycle with 2 days of med-heavy bleed with 2-3 of spotting....
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    FET 1: 8/01/19, Beta 8/14 = 9...Chemical pregnancy (transferred 2)
    FET 2: 12/19/19...Negative Beta 12/30 (transferred 1)

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    FET 6: 3/9/21 - Canceled due to poor lining response
    FET 6.5: 7/28/21 - Beta 1: 21.5  Beta 2: 31.4   Beta 3:  28 - Chemical pregnancy, Female (transferred 1)
    FET 7: 12/8/21 - Beta 1: 9   Beta 2:        - Chemical pregnancy, Male+? (transferred 2)
  • It could be normal, especially if you've had days at start/end of cycle that are more spotting and clotting than actual bleeding.

    I know you said you had a CP, how far along were you? Did they track your betas down to 0? (Sometimes they do this for CPs and sometimes not). If you start to be concerned by the amount of bleeding or if it just keeps going and doesnt seem to end, you could call your doctor. They could send you for a beta test if you didnt have them to ensure hcg is down below 5 (not Pg) to ensure your body doesnt still think its PG and still trying to MC.  But as long as the bleeding isnt too heavy, I probably wouldn't be too concerned for several more days or a week.
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