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Confusing daycare response

We recently toured a daycare we loved, and afterward emailed them to ask about vaccination policies. It is important to me to send my child somewhere where all children have received the age-appropriate vaccinations. They responded:

“The only information I can provide regarding vaccinations is that we cannot have more than 3% of our total enrolled children at the center without vaccinations, which comes to about 4-5 children. We also cannot disclose how many children currently (if any) are not vaccinated.”

Is this standard practice for a daycare center? Would the 3% include infants who just can’t have vaccines yet (they take kids as early as 6 weeks)? Trying to decide if this is a huge red flag or something I’ll hear from most/all centers. 

Re: Confusing daycare response

  • Huh, I've never heard that response before. I would assume/hope that the 3% is to accommodate kids who can't for whatever reason get vaccinated but is kept low for herd immunity. I would definitely ask some follow up questions, though.
  • I think it's likely that they think you haven't vaccinated and are trying to be as diplomatic about it as possible. Since there are people who decide not to vaccinate and get very defensive about it.
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  • Thanks @melly204 and @aresee - I will dig a little deeper with the daycare. 
  • Huh interesting response. Our daycare requires vaccination proof. I would definitely ask if this 3% applies to age restrictions and those who can’t receive vaccinations for medical reasons. Interested to know the response!

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