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Food Coma

I am currently pregnant with twins (I go back Thursday to see if they can find baby b's hb) 8weeks along. Does anyone else feel like they could just fall right to sleep after eating!? I thought I was eating too much.. but it happens every time I eat lunch & dinner. 

Re: Food Coma

  • Im exhausted just growing 1 tiny human so I can only imagine your energy levels! I definitely feel like I can always nap.. except after eating if I lay down to soon I get awful nausea & heartburn. 
  • @livingwithchoas89 YES! I noticed it this weekend. Anytime I ate anything I fell into the deepest nap after, even though I had just been asleep right before eating. I took 3 or 4 naps on Saturday. Wild! I’m not sure how I’m functioning at work. I’m probably not 😬😴
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