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When was the soonest you felt your baby move?

We all have gas bubbles and we all have a baby in there too! When did you know for sure you felt your little one move in there? 

When was the soonest you felt your baby move? 25 votes

10-12 weeks
8% 2 votes
13-16 weeks
40% 10 votes
17-20 weeks
48% 12 votes
21-24 weeks
4% 1 vote
24+ weeks
0% 0 votes

Re: When was the soonest you felt your baby move?

  • I felt my first and second around 17/18 weeks

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  • I felt DS at 12 weeks, but he was a very active fetus, he was right up front, and I happened to be laying on my stomach at the time lol. I didn't start feeling him regularly until 16-17 weeks
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  • I had an anterior placenta with both of my babies so I didn't feel movement until 17/18 weeks.

  • With my first I had an anterior placenta and also didn’t know what to be feeling/looking for so it was much later. Probably around 17-18 weeks. I started feeling my daughter between 13-14 weeks. I also didn’t have an anterior placenta which helps. 

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  • With my first I didn’t realize that I was feeling movements until I saw him kick and felt it at the same time at my anatomy scan, which was 17+1. That made me realize I’d been feeling him for at least a week!
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