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Ten Things Tuesday

What’s great in your life today?

Me: 30 | H: 30

MMC: 6/2017 (10w5d)
DS: May 2018
TTC #2

BFP: 9/1/19  EDD: 5/14/20

Re: Ten Things Tuesday

  • I love these!

    1)  Today I am pregnant
    2)  DS is just the absolute best, sweetest boy right now
    3)  We're going to Seattle on Saturday, which also happens to be our 6 year wedding anniversary
    4)  A very good friend is getting married and I'm so happy for her!
    5)  3rd beta draw came back at 13,000!
    6)  Early ultrasound is on Thursday!
    7)  It's fall, and I love fall!
    8)  My early morning walking b:lol:
    9)  My doggo
    10)  My husband, even though I'm currently annoyed with him.  :lol:
    Me: 34 | H: 39
    Married Sept. 2013
    DS: Nov 2016
    MMC: 11/16/18 (9w6d)
    CP: 2/3/19 (5w3d)
    BFP!  8/24/19 at 12 DPO
    EDD: 5/3/19  *please stick, baby*

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  • Love this!
    1) Today I am pregnant!
    2) DD is such an amazing, inquisitive, curious kid. 
    3) H is an awesome support to me, always 
    4) Fall weather is just so pleasant 
    5) Our new real estate agent is aggressive (in a good way!) and I think she’s going to help us get a house. 
    6) My new rifle paper co. Keds are so colorful and just make me smile.  And they were on sale!
    7) Still at the point where coffee smells and tastes good, and I sure do enjoy a morning coffee. 
    8) Job with a good amount of flexibility and autonomy. 
    9) I’ve been reading a lot more recently and that has been so fun. 
    10) My siblings. They rock. And they have been giving a lot of good house-related advice!
  • 1. Today I am pregnant  <3
    2. I am glad that both my kids like Mickey Mouse Clubhouse because this momma is dragging this morning. 
    3. My friend is meeting me for a workout tomorrow which is the best encouragement to workout. 
    4. Yoga. Even ten minutes makes me feel more centered. 
    5. If I can get past the chicken smell, I’m going make a big batch of chicken noodle soup this afternoon.
    6. My big kid doesn’t have school TTH and I’m so glad he just wanted to snuggle me this morning. 
    7. I think sometimes the dog knows I’m pregnant before I do because he just always wants to be in my lap when I’m pregnant. 
    8. Cooler days... 90’s today in the desert which is much more pleasant for me. I think we can take a family walk this evening. 
    9. The nausea has already begun... and MH was so good about cleaning up for me when I did get sick this morning. 
    10. I hate doing laundry. I have probably 10 loads to do to catch up. I guess I’m off to start. 
  • 1. Today I am pregnant!
    2. I got my second beta back today and it quadrupled in 60 hours (from 75 to 343).
    3. We are trying a new bedtime routine with DD where she puts herself to sleep, and it was successful on night 1 last night.
    4. Our best couple friends are also pregnant with #2. Our first kids are about 2.5 months apart, and our seconds will be about the same distance apart.
    5. My SIL is due with her first any day now!
    6. We are scheduled to get new hardwood floors in our master bedroom in a few weeks.
    7. I had a delicious bagel sandwich for breakfast.
    8. This is the time of year when my seniors are all asking for letters of recommendation. I love getting to write out all the things I think are awesome about each kid.
    9. I started thinking about holiday music for my ensembles today, which makes me happy.
    10. We do not have marching band rehearsal this evening, so I get to go home at a reasonable hour (i.e. while it's still light outside).
  • Yay for great betas @shamrocandroll @soprano19

    1. I will echo everyone here since this is my mantra this time. Today I am pregnant.
    2. Live Kombucha Root Beer flavored!
    3. My morning coffee
    4. Getting back on track on paying down our debt
    5. DH cleaned up our garage and added more lifted storage!
    6. Potty training going so well!
    7. Halloween, we need to get on decorating our house, I'm already a week behind usual.
    8. Podcasts, I listen all day at work
    9. My sit to stand desk, super helpful when I am sick of sitting.
    10. Not having too many plans scheduled this month.
    TTC#1 July 2015 
    • BFP: 9/16/15 — MC: 11/8/15 Blighted Ovum
    • BFP: 3/10/16 — Baby Girl born 11/20/16
    TTC#2 April 2019 
    • BFP: 9/12/19 — EDD 5/15/20

  • @mdfarmchick I think my dog also knows somehow!  She will not get off of me lately, haha!  It's cute, but also gahhhh I need space and you smell.  :lol:
    Me: 34 | H: 39
    Married Sept. 2013
    DS: Nov 2016
    MMC: 11/16/18 (9w6d)
    CP: 2/3/19 (5w3d)
    BFP!  8/24/19 at 12 DPO
    EDD: 5/3/19  *please stick, baby*

  • 1. Today I am pregnant!
    2. I work at a school that I love!
    3. I have a wonderful husband who makes my lunch everyday! (He has to be at work first, so he just makes all the lunches when he makes his)
    4. The weather is finally supposed to cool down a little next week, at least to the 80's.
    5. I got my first betas back, and although I dont have my second set back yet, they are consistent with what they were for my last pregnancy at that point. 
    6. My almost 2 year old is having his Sesame Street birthday this weekend. 
    7. We almost have our costumes for Halloween set. My 4 year old's costume came yesterday. We're going as Joyce, Hopper, Will, and a baby demogorgon from Stranger Things. 
    8. I finally got my Moe's veggie bowl that I was craving for lunch. 
    9. I remembered that Starbucks has a Caramel Apple Spice that I can drink this fall.
    10. I get to have my 2nd betas drawn today, which I'm actually looking forward to to hopefully give me a little peace of mind. 
  • @heatherlynn321 love the Stranger Things costumes!
  • @soprano19 Thanks! I saw this cute post on Facebook, and thought, that would be adorable! Then my MIL said she could probably make the costume. 

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