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Baby kicks?

Hi ladies! I am pregnant with my third child and I could SWEAR I felt a flutter, but I'm only 10 weeks. I mean, with this many babies, you can tell what is a baby kick and what is gas. I have waaayyyyyy more gas 😂 this pregnancy than any other ones though so I'm pretty sure it was just a gas bubble...even though it happens when I lay a certain way and only after I poop!

Anywho...what is the soonest you all have felt your babies move? I have read what doctors say, but I want to know what you all say!

Re: Baby kicks?

  • You felt gas bubbles. At 10 weeks, baby is an inch long. The earliest one might feel movement is 13-14 weeks.
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  • like 18 weeks.

    I've felt flutters even while very not pregnant.

    gas baby.
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  • I know what the soonest is one would feel a baby move. I asked when was the soonest YOU felt it.
  • There's a post on the 2nd tri board at the top about feeling baby move. I think there's about 7 pages of responses there. That would be a good place to get lots of answers to your question. 
  • I have felt what could be movement before 13 weeks but I have also been sitting on my couch PP and feel the same thing, which is obviously gas. So, for me personally, I don’t say I feel movement until I know for sure it isn’t a gas bubble. I am currently on my 6th pregnancy and I do feel movement earlier than a FTM and STM would simply because I know what those early movements feel like.  
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