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PGAL Check-in 9/9

This thread is for those who are pregnant after a previous loss (or losses).

1. Weeks/EDD/How many times a mom? 

2. Previous loss(es)? 

3. How are you feeling? Emotionally & physically? 

4. Any appointment updates? 

5. Rants/Raves/Questions? 

6. Any milestones coming up?

7. GTKY- What was your first job?

Re: PGAL Check-in 9/9

  • 1. Weeks/EDD/How many times a mom? 8w6d, April 14th, this is my 6th pregnancy 

    2. Previous loss(es)? (3) MCs - most recent in April. DS was delivered stillborn on 1/26/18 at 22w due to severe genetic abnormalities.

    3. How are you feeling? Emotionally & physically? I’m doing much better after our u/s last week, everything looked good. PGAL is still tough at times and I know I’ll be unsettled until I have a baby in my arms, but last week felt like a big win!

    4. Any appointment updates? Great dating u/s last week, heart rate was 164 and baby was measuring ahead. I spoke with prenatal genetics after and we will start closely monitoring via u/s at 12w. We will be having a special/intensive u/s done instead of the traditional 12w screening, only one location in our city does this scan and it is specific for those that are high risk for genetic issues.

    While it is unlikely this baby will also have the same genetic abnormalities as DS, it is possible so I am grateful that we will be monitored closely until they can confirm a healthy pregnancy. 

    5. Rants/Raves/Questions? Not really, just happy to be back with prenatal genetics.

    6. Any milestones coming up? No

    7. GTKY- What was your first job?
    In HS I worked as a dietary aid for an assisted living facility, basically served residents their meals.


  • 1. Weeks/EDD/How many times a mom? 
    7w3d, 4/24, 2 DDs

    2. Previous loss(es)? 
    One loss at about 9 weeks between DD1 and DD2

    3. How are you feeling? Emotionally & physically?
    Emotionally I've calmed down a bit.  We have an u/s tomorrow which will help settle me even more.   Once we get past the 9 week mark I'll relax more and then the final hurdle is the NIPT and NT scan.  I'm worried because of my age, the small gap between pregnancies, and that I skipped prenatals for a week between conception and testing (since there was no way I was going to get pregnant, lol, surprise!).  Physically I feel pretty gross most of the time which helps me feel less anxious.  Exhausted, no appetite, nauseous on and off, sore nipples, super gaggy when I brush my teeth, headaches.    

    4. Any appointment updates? 
    We have our first appointment tomorrow.  I'm super anxious to see this LO and make sure everything is okay.  

    5. Rants/Raves/Questions? 

    6. Any milestones coming up?
    We'll pass the point when our loss happened in about a week and a half

    7. GTKY- What was your first job?
    My first job was working at a fabric store when I turned 16 and I stayed there through high school, college and even once I got a "real" job
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  • @doraleigh35 I couldn’t agree more.  Seeing any progress just feels like a win.  I’ve been telling people that we are just enjoying each day with these babies that we can cause we know how quickly things can change. Hoping that all the genetics screenings go the best that they can. 

    @KFrob good luck with your U/S tomorrow.  I know the night before my first U/S I was so anxious just to make sure that everything was “ok”.  The symptoms make me feel less anxious too.  You must have liked the fabric store - are you a crafter?

    1. Weeks/EDD/How many times a mom?  9weeks 1 day / EDD 4/11/19
    Consider myself a 2nd time mom, but essentially a FTM in any aspect of taking a baby home.

    2. Previous loss(es)? 
    DD was stillborn at 40+1 on Sept 23 2018.

    3. How are you feeling? Emotionally & physically? 
    It comes and goes.  This early part of the pregnancy we know is the highest risk.  For us there is no passing the point as I believe they will induce early due to our previous loss.  Especially since we have fraternal twins (we have to go through IVF due to endo & MFI) I’ll be asking my OB if that changes when they may induce.

    4. Any appointment updates? 
    First apt at my OB’s office is this Thur 9/12 but it is just the intake with the nurse.   I’ll meet with the OB on 9/19.

    5. Rants/Raves/Questions? 
    This may be an unpopular opinion but due to our loss I really hate when people say they “wish their kids would stop growing up” because I always want to tell them “no, you really don’t.”   I understand what they mean and maybe that will become less annoying to me in the future but for now - it just bugs me.  

    6. Any milestones coming up? coming up on 1 year out from losing DD.  Hubby and I took the day off to be together and we haven’t made any plans quite yet.  But it will involve a cupcake and going to “see” DD.

    7. GTKY- What was your first job?
    High school I worked at Subway.  I really liked it cause I had a good group of people that I worked with.  I would hate it today with so many options of toasting, and soup and breakfast, etc... as you had to be all knowing of everything since often during down times you were on your own until other people came in for their shifts.

  • @mandarenee898 Thank you for the good luck!  It was a family run business and I felt like they really took care of me.  I used to sew a bunch but now I don't have the space or time.  
    I always tear up when I read your and @doraleigh35 posts about your losses and I'm never sure what to say.  You're so strong to go on everyday and be thankful that you get to enjoy these babies in here and now.

  • @KFrob good luck tomorrow! I hope you have a great u/s! Let us know how it goes. You don’t have to know what to say, your support and encouragement is enough!

    @mandarenee898 are you seeing the same OB? Have you been back to the office since losing your sweet girl? I’m not looking forward to physically being in some of the same offices and hospital. I’m hoping the experiences surprise me and is instead healing, but for now I’m dreading it. 

  • @KFrob When I have 20 minutes here and there I can pick up my knitting or crocheting and work on it for a bit and just put it down when I’m done. I’ve made two quilts in that past and with sewing it seems like such a process of getting everything out and ready before you can even start!

    @kfrob thank you!  As @doraleigh35 said, it isn’t about what you say.  The support of one another is so helpful. I can’t imagine the pain of losing my baby at only 9 weeks like yourself or having multiple losses like @doraleigh35 has.  You are both such strong mamas.  

    @doraleigh35 for my first pregnancy I went with my family practitioner I’ve been seeing for the 5+ years as she had her main focus in OB. She had me go in pretty regularly to the clinic for checkups after losing our girl.  The first time was the hardest but it was also only 2 day after we were discharged from the hospital!  She’s still my FP but since we’re high risk now with our history and the twins, I asked her to refer me to an OB.  

    *TW* However.... in March of this year we had to do a pre-pregnancy assessment with a Maternal and Fetal Medicine specialist group before moving forward with IVF and their office was in the hospital right next to where we delivered.  My blood pressure is normally low 120s / high 70s and that day it was high 140s / high 90s..... I could only attribute it to being in the hospital where we were told the news that we lost her and then were induced and delivered within a day. *end TW*
  • @mandarenee898 I've been thinking about giving crochet or knitting a go since it seems relaxing and like you said easy to start and stop without the big mess.  I'm just not sure where to start.
  • @KFrob good luck today. We have another u/s today too. Hopefully we both have good reports. 

    @mandarenee898 Thank you for sharing that peeve. I think we all have them from our own experiences. But the only way to get around them is to tell people. Whenever people ask me when we are having another kid I tell them when I can carry one to term. It might be harsh but it’s the only way people will realize that fertility needs to be talked about differently. 

    1. Weeks/EDD/How many times a mom? 10w today, April 7, one DD

    2. Previous loss(es)? 2 early MCs before DD and one MM last November. 

    3. How are you feeling? Emotionally & physically? Tired. Ready to not feel so nauseous. I have been way more chill. While I still count down to appointments and get nervous going, I haven’t been dwelling on the day to day as I have done in the past. 

    4. Any appointment updates? We have our third u/s this afternoon. We are also doing the genetic testing today. Lots to be nervous about. I’m 34 this time around so I’m just feeling a bit more anxious about the results.  

    5. Rants/Raves/Questions? We are moving to a new house this week. The couple that is buying our house has been a huge pain. I’m so nervous they are going to pull something at the last minute. We just want to get out and move into our new place!!

    6. Any milestones coming up? None. Just our appointment today! Come on, heartbeat and measuring on track!

    7. GTKY- What was your first job? In high school I worked at an after school care program at the elementary school. Go figure that I’m a teacher now. 😂
    Married 7/20/13
    #1 MC August 2014 @ 5 Weeks
    #2 MC November 2014 @ 5 Weeks
    #3 EDD 2.17.16

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  • Our u/s looked great!  LO was measuring a week behind, but I have long cycles, and we weren't trying so even though I track ovulation with a calculator I don't know for sure when I ovulated.  Both DD1 and DD2 were measuring 5 days behind at my first u/s so I'm not really worried.  We have to go back in two weeks for another u/s and to determine for sure my due date.  So my due date might change to May 1st!  
  • @KFrob I am so glad it was a good u/s!

    @mandarenee898 I can relate to a lot of that. I considered switching providers, but we had such an amazing team that I can't do it.

    *TW* I am most worried about where to go for our anatomy scan. That is when we got the fatal diagnosis for our son. I don't want to go back to the same location, but they are in with MFM and prenatal genetics. So I feel like having that onsite support may also be beneficial (it most definitely was last time), it's a tough call. *End TW*

  • @borgahurst I hope your U/S went well!

    @KFrob that is excellent news! I hope you still hang out with us even if your DD is changed! 

    @doraleigh35 my co-worker who lost her DD very similar to me did end up switching providers for her next pregnancy. We all have to do what we feel is best for us at the time. 

    Support (like it sounds you had) when you aren’t expecting to need support can really show the level of care. Is there a way you could let them know and say you still want your scan there but you’d like it in a different exam room? Not sure if that would help but even just discussing with them before you schedule the scan and letting them know, they may have ideas that they have done with other mamas that have come back to them after losing their child. 
  • Thanks @mandarenee898, I'll definitely ask/make them aware of our situation. I think genetics may take over booking our ultrasounds from here on out as well so I likely won't have a choice on location. They booked my 12w appointment and I think I am going for an u/s every two weeks after that until we can confirm a healthy baby. I am just self aware that none of this journey is going to be easy!

  • 1. Weeks/EDD/How many times a mom? 
    7w1d, STM

    2. Previous loss(es)? MM in May 2014, early MC January 2015 and July 2019

    3. How are you feeling? Emotionally & physically? Physically the nausea has backed off a bit which is making me a bit nervous. But I'm still getting really short of breath which was one of my main symptoms with DS, and still exhausted a lot.
    I'm a bit anxious about my appointment on Friday, even though I know it's just a check in and probably booking my dating ultrasound

    4. Any appointment updates? 

    5. Rants/Raves/Questions? I'm just annoyed that everyone seems to be moving at a glacial pace up here. Although I'm glad that I'm going to be able to call and make my first OB appointment after I see the high risk doctor.

    6. Any milestones coming up?

    7. GTKY- What was your first job? Paying job - I worked for 6 weeks one summer in a dollar store while I was staying with my now DH. I was almost 19 because I wasn't able to work at home.
    I did a lot of volunteering though, and volunteered for 3 years 3-5 times a week at a ranch where they did therapy on horseback. It almost seems like another life now!
    Married November 19, 2010
    BFP April 18, 2014 (EDD December 2014) - MMC
    BFP #2 January 2015 - NMC
    BFP #3 October 2017 - F born June 13, 2018
    BFP #4 July 2019 - NMC
    BFP #5 August 2019 - EDD April 2020

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