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Weekly Randoms - Week of 9/9

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Me: 34 | H: 39
Married Sept. 2013
DS: Nov 2016
MMC: 11/16/18 (9w6d)
CP: 2/3/19 (5w3d)
BFP!  8/24/19 at 12 DPO
EDD: 5/3/19  *please stick, baby*


Re: Weekly Randoms - Week of 9/9

  • Whoops! Didn’t see this thread! I’ll change mine to a GTKY
  • Wow, everyone is quiet today.

    I'm just sitting here on my prep grading, lesson planning for the day, and anxiously waiting for my OB to message me with my 2nd beta numbers...
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  • @TattoosandLace Oooh, our first GTKY!  I vote for fur-baby photos!  :)
    Me: 34 | H: 39
    Married Sept. 2013
    DS: Nov 2016
    MMC: 11/16/18 (9w6d)
    CP: 2/3/19 (5w3d)
    BFP!  8/24/19 at 12 DPO
    EDD: 5/3/19  *please stick, baby*

  • I called the new OB today to schedule my appointment. I get in on Oct 14th. I’ll be 9 weeks. I have never been seen until 12 weeks before. 

    I am really sad sad that my old OB (my first OBGYN ever and the woman who delivered all of my children) moved and this is literally the first time i’ll Be meeting the new one. This OB is the one my favorite OBGYN used for her pregnancies, so I feel like I should be in good hands but man it’s going to be so weird. 
  • @TattoosandLace I would also find that really hard. We may be moving sometime in the next few months and I think leaving my OB is going to feel crushing.
  • The nausea that I had for a couple weeks (and prompted me taking a test), has completely disappeared and it kinda freaks me out. I hate feeling sick but It was also my way of feeling pregnant. I hate that I have to wait till Oct 4th to know if everything is ok. 
  • @TattoosandLace wow that’s nice! I’ve have a different OB the last two times and I was also delivered by a different OB. So I’ve had a lot of medical strangers around my hooha. 
    This time is no exception, we moved so I have yet another new OB 🤦‍♀️

    Anyone else completely lost their appetite? Idk if it’s the smell or taste but nothing sounds good, smells good, tastes good, nothing. It’s like all my senses are on strike. I’ve been eating small snacks to keep the nausea at bay but nothing is appealing. 
  • @shanana_3 yes. Nothing sounds good but I know I need to eat so I don’t throw up. Gross, but I try to pick things that are super bland in case I get sick anyway. 

    @TattoosandLace I hope you like the new OB. I completely get how hard it is to switch after having so much history with one doctor. 

    I do not want to parent today. DS2 has been sleeping poorly for a couple weeks now with lots of extra screaming and he woke everyone up at 6 am, after waking DS1 up at 3 am when he came and got in our bed and had trouble falling back asleep. I am so beyond ready for nap time. 
  • My parents are bringing dinner and ice cream for me. We all have the countdown to when I got nauseous last time and they still feel so bad for me that they are trying to fatten me up now. How sweet. Lol.
  • I need to get my wild beast toddler out of the house today but a) it’s like 100 degrees outside and b) I am so freaking tired I can barely get dressed. 
  • I'm still in the honeymoon phase where I'm just happy to not have PMS symptoms (hence one of the reasons I took my test). Fighting the urge to start like 500 projects, just to not finish even 5 of them in the next 9 months. 
  • My toddler just projectile vomited all over me and my brand new (as in brought it home on Saturday) couch. We both immediately got in the bathtub, and I’ve cleaned it up, and somehow I didn’t vomit...but omg it was so terrible. Desperately hoping it’s becsuse he got too rambunctious after lunch and not because he’s actually sick.
  • @kaitieb14 ugh. I am so sorry. I’m glad you didn’t get sick and I hope he was just overexcited!
  • edited September 11
    @katieb14 oh nooooooo! Hoping he’s not sick too! How’s the cough? :/

    ETA: couch, not cough. 
  • Has anyone started thinking about baby names yet?
  • @TattoosandLace thankfully I thought this through in the purchase and got one with cushion covers that are machine washable. On a sanitize cycle now along with our clothes.
  • @heatherlynn321we have a girl name picked but no boy name. 
  • @katieb14 you’re smart!! I bet that’s a lifesaver during stuff like today!
  • @heatherlynn321 we’ve picked ours already. Sort of hoping for a girl because I’m so in love with our girl name.
  • @heatherlynn321 ; we have been talking baby names on and off for years...  why is it so much easier to come up with names we don't like than ones we do??   :s
  • @pirateduck It definitely is! I feel like everything I like, DH doesn't like and vice versa!
  • I have started thinking about names a little bit. It took us forever with DS and he actually didn’t have a name until about a day after he was born. I don’t have any other names I like currently for boy or girl. 
  • I’ve already used up our two good boy names! Crossing my fingers and toes this one is a girl so I can finally use the name (and so I can braid a lot of hair in my future) 
  • I hate that I have music on at my desk and my co-worker has now also turned on music at her desk (10 feet away tops) and now there are competing radio stations at almost the same volume playing at the same time.  Seriously, just ask me if it's ok to change the station, or turn one off before turning the other on.  FWIW her music also makes me want to jump out a window.
  • @pirateduck that is so annoying. 
  • @pirateduck competing sounds make me insane too. I wonder if they’re confrontation averse and didn’t want to ask you to use headphones though? That seems like a passive aggressive move to me
  • @pirateduck omg I was laughing so hard at your BFP loss of work ethic comment! That was 💯 me the second time I was preggo and idgaf at all, I was so sick and tired lol. 

    @kaitieb14 what happened to you is exactly why I don’t want to get another couch. My little crazies are so destructive I don’t want to stress over a new couch. Until this one falls apart or starts to smell to a point I can’t clean it anymore, we are keeping it lol 
  • @shanana_3 I actually have wanted a new job for awhile and got a job offer the same day I got my BFP, but the company did not offer me insurance so I had to decline.  So I’m really only in it for the insurance at the moment, so yeah, all work motivation is officially gone.
  • @shanana_3 DH literally broke our couch then sold it to someone BEFORE I had found another couch. So I had to find one 🤣🤣🤣 it was a whole ordeal. We picked this one up not even an hour after I got home from Dorian evacuation because we were sitting in camping chairs and there is no way in hell my pregnant butt was keeping that up any longer
  • DH is flying with a female copilot today. She was rude to him and called him a “rude ***hole.” He told her that was unacceptable and then she blamed her bad attitude on her period. Ugh. Seriously? Does that bother anyone else? I feel like most women are fighting for equality in the work place and here is this chick not helping anyone’s case. Maybe I’m just extra hormonal. 
  • @pilotwife6 I agree - that's totally unacceptable and makes women look bad. There is NO excuse for behavior like that in the workplace. Good for YH for saying something to her.
  • @pilotwife6 totally unprofessional and makes me ragey too. I’m glad YH called her out on it. 
  • I’m waiting for a phone call today for test results to see if my HcG levels have done anything. They were low (as in 50) two days ago but I’m barely 4w so now we wait..

    DH dropped kind of a bomb that he may want to find out the sex this time around. We were team green with DD which was so cool to do! But he def wants another girl and I’m worried he’ll have disappointment so I’m wondering if we should throw being TG out the window. But this pregnancy was a surprise and a miracle, i kind of like that theme of having another amazing surprise lol 

    In other news, it’s raining and I have a zillion appointments and will be running around all day. DH is just coming off a 48hr shift and will be thrilled to find out he’s watching our kiddo all day instead of sleeping 😂

  • This morning on my drive to work I was rear ended.  The other car wasn't going that fast, and the damage is minimal, but I'm still a nervous wreck.  The EMT's assured me that baby is so tiny and well protected s/he should be fine.  I called my OB and they said just come for my appt next week I already have scheduled but nothing today.  I'm only 5w3d so I assume it's too early to even do an US to check anything.  I can't tell if I'm cramping more today or just noticing it more because I'm so worried.  My back also hurts a little and normally I would go get it checked out but it's not like they can do x-rays or give me any medicine to help so what's the point.  AND we have a brand new car seat in my car that my daughter has literally used maybe 5 times that was just replaced after my husband had a minor accident a few weeks ago and we swapped to put the newest car seat in my car since she's in it most often.  I know insurance should pay for it but still stinks to have to replace it again and deal with the headache. 
  • @bananapanda if you have any concerns at all that you may have injuries of any kind related to this accident you need to get checked out ASAP if there's any chance of the offenders' insurance covering your medical bills.  There are things that can be diagnosed by physical exam, no x-rays needed.  Also MRIs are safe while preggo, which is used to look for damage to discs in the back/neck.  Even if nothing is wrong and it sets your mind at ease, it may be worth it.  Good luck with the headache of getting the car fixed etc.
  • @bananapanda ^^what @pirateduck said. 

    Also, to make you feel a little better, we were rear ended at 34 weeks pregnant with DS1 and everything was fine, so I agree that baby should be pretty protected. But now is not the time to say, oh I think the back ache is because I’m pregnant.  :( I would just get checked out, at the least with your PCP. 

    Also, the replacing the seat thing is super annoying. We have to pay our deductible every time we have to replace both seats. 
  • @yogadevil sorry YH changed his mind on you... but just because you guys know doesn’t mean anyone else has to know—except your favorite BMB of course :wink:
  • @bananapanda I hope you're okay! I agree with other comments that you might want to be checked out, even sans x-rays, just to have medical proof & a record, just in case!! I'm so sorry you had to go through that :(
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