Pregnant after a Loss

I want to be hopeful

I'm 14 DPO today. I'm concerned because I started testing at 10 DPO, and the line slowly got darker, and was at its darkest at 12 DPO. However, I took a test this morning, at 14 DPO, and the line was lighter than 2 days ago. Still darker than 11 DPO, but lighter than 12 DPO. I've had 2 previous miscarriages and just really want this to work out. Anyone ever had a similar situation where this worked out?

Re: I want to be hopeful

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    I hate the anxiety that comes with pregnancy after loss. I'm sorry you're experiencing it. I don't really have an answer for you, except that many things affect the color of that line: hydration, the test itself, time of day, number of times you had to potty during the night. I remember doing the exact thing you are, and sometimes thinking the line wasn't getting darker fast enough. My SO eventually made me stop testing. It was the best thing I could have done. I relaxed a little. The only thing that can tell you 100% what's going on with hormone levels is a blood test. Call your doctor. Mine was willing to do it given my loss in January, and I declined...beta levels were what made me think things were fine and they weren't. *hugs*
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