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Frankie as a nickname-Girl

we both like Frankie as a name for a girl, but don’t know how appropriate it will be when she’s an adult in a formal work setting. We aren’t super keen on Francis. Any other suggestions that Frankie could be a nickname for?

Re: Frankie as a nickname-Girl

  • Please don’t just go with Frankie as her full name.


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  • Francesca is a great name for that nickname!!!
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  • Francesca or Francine, agreed
  • Francine with a nn Francy . 
  • I like Francesca personally.
  • As the mother of a son named Francis, please use the female spelling of Frances if you are going for something more formal than Frankie. 

    My friend’s daughter has a friend nick named Frankie, after kindergarten she dropped that and went to her full name of Francesca, she didn’t like having a boy nickname. In general I think it is better to give a full name so the child has more options as their personality develops. 
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