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Ugh... water...

I’m sure I’m not alone in this, but sheesh I HATE drinking water, especially while pregnant! That may be in part because it makes me even more nauseous than normal. It’s so bad that I was in the hospital almost every week getting IV fluids with my last pregnancy. I try, I really try, but it’s so difficult. I’ve tried sweetening with flavor drops, but they taste so artificial. I also tried a fruit infuser bottle but the fruit didn’t add enough flavor. I just got a Cirkul bottle so I’m hoping that helps. Any other tips? I do not want a repeat of my last pregnancy. 

Re: Ugh... water...

  • Have you tried coconut water, or mixing a bit of juice into water for flavour? You could also do flavoured sparkling water (the stuff with no sugar). 
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  • Flavored water. My friend is all about the hint water.
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  • I used propel packets my last pregnancy. This one I am going with plain ice water but it’s better with my 40oz bubba that holds ice all day. Also has a straw which makes everything better. 
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  • I've been squeezing lots of fresh lemon and lime juice into ice water, sometimes with fresh mint. My sister adds stevia to hers. 
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    Ok this sounds dumb but I bought a Yeti type large tumbler and a pack of metal straws off amazon.  I find the straw makes me drink more vs a glass or bottle? So weird I know. I also LOVE lemons in my water. A lot of them! And ice so its super cold.  Plus its great for your skin 
  • @jd614 not weird at all! I drink way more out of a bottle vs a cup or straw.  

    When I get bored with water I’ll use some lemonade mix but only enough to give s little bit of flavor so I don’t get all the sugar.  Also, try getting a juice you like, I use cranberry, and cut it in half with seltzer.  
  • I’m typically a water drinker but what’s changed this pregnancy is that I need it cold.  I want it to be with ice and out of a mug with a top on it so I can get the super cold water past my front teeth.  When I am getting dehydrated it is hard to drink any water so I will eat ice cubes and that seems to get something in me while still not upsetting my stomach.  
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    I am a huge water drinker but the nausea has made it a little hard for me. I push through it and snack throughout the day to help me. 

    I have been buying Perrier and mixing a little orange juice in the evening and it is sooo good! 
  • I usually have a couple water glasses going (I put one down and forget it, so start another one--drives my husband crazy), but room temperature water isn't appealing to me right now. I bought a couple bottles of Polar seltzer today to try to stay better hydrated this week.

    @ruby_love That sounds really good!
  • @ruby_love I did the same with lemonade today (1/2 water and 1/2 lemonade)!
  • @aresee @mandarenee898 You are making me thirsty and I just realized I’m out of Perrier! 😭
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