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Rosalie or Rowan?

My hubby and I FINALLY have narrowed it down to two names... for now. We've been back and forth between these two for some time now, and keep coming back to them, so it's likely going to be one or the other if we have a girl. 
This poll is partially to get public opinion, and also partially because as I see the voting results emerge, I will likely suddenly realize which one I truly want if I'm disappointed/overjoyed that one is winning over the other. 

I love Rowan because it holds so much meaning to my hubby and I. We are both of Scandinavian descent, and our faith is Norse paganism. The Rowan tree is very sacred to Celtic and Norse faiths, and is known as the tree of life and symbolizes courage, protection, and luck. We're both very nature-centered people, also. My therapy is hiking or kayaking. His, too. That is where we bond together and also where we go to find ourselves. I also love the way it flows off the tongue, and the whimsical, gentle sound of it. Rowan makes me think of a bright-eyed, adventurous little girl with bare feet and messy hair.

Rosalie, on the other hand, oh how I love Rosalie. It is so beautiful and elegant, and so underused. It holds so much charm to me, and I love the nicknames that come along with it. That, and I love the meaning behind it. Roses are such beautiful flowers, and it indirectly goes along with my desire to stay nature-themed without being over the top "hippie." Rosalie makes me think of a gentle girl with a bit of sass. 

Rosalie or Rowan? 25 votes

84% 21 votes
16% 4 votes

Re: Rosalie or Rowan?

  • I appreciate the meaning Rowan has to you, but at a glance while comparing the names Rosalie wins by a landslide. So much prettier and more feminine. If someone told me their baby’s name was Rowan my first thought would be “which gender?” And “trendy”
  • Both are lovely. I prefer Rowan.
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  • I agree Rowan is actually trendy now and one of those “unisex” names that’s growing old. I get it has special meaning, but Rosalie wins by a landslide here. 
  • Definitely Rosalie! I see Rowan referred to as unisex and I appreciate the special meaning it holds for you, however, it’s all boy to me.
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  • Rosalie, no question. It's so romantic and beautiful. 
    I've never been a fan of Rowan.
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