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Twins but one heartbeat

We went to the doctor yesterday. We saw one baby that measured at 7 weeks and a strong heart beat. The doctor saw a 2nd baby in the same sac...smaller... but could not find a heart beat. I go back next week to see if he can find the other babies heart beat. Has anyone else experienced this? or have a similar story? 

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  • I just posted in first trimester ! Here is my post. 

    i just knew I was having twins. So I went for a scan at 7w6, and confirmed twins. Baby a measured 7w4, and Baby B was said to have a yolk sac but no fetal pole. The doctor told me it most likely is not viable. I am 8w1 today, and going for another scan at 10w6. I’ve googled hours and hours worth of reading. It sounds like it could be possible that Baby B is behind, and maybe hadn’t developed the fetal pole yet? I know twins can be up to a week apart in growth from one another. 

    Im desperate for a miracle and to see two heartbeats in three weeks.
  • You will have to keep me updated & Let me know what the doctor say. I will send positive thoughts your way. We go back Thursday and see if he can find another heartbeat. It feels like it is FOREVER AWAY. I just want to know the outcome already. 
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  • I will def come back to see your update. I hope you have positive news. The wait is sooooooo brutal. How far along will you be Thursday then ?
  • I will be 8 weeks along. I was kind of confused by what the doctor said. He said I could have got pregnant at a separate time but how is that possible if they're in the same sac. That is why one is more developed then the other.  He just seemed to not know much  until the other baby seems to be further along. When I went in at 5 weeks we only saw one baby. SO WE ARE all sorts of confused. I am so anxious to see what he says on Thursday. 
  • Wow yeah that’s pretty wild. I can’t wait to hear the news!! 
  • I went to the doctor today the one of the twins is vanishing. The other baby is perfectly healthy and has a good strong heart beat. 
  • Oh no I am soooo sorry ;( :( :( .... my heart goes out to you. But so glad one baby is ok. I believe this will be my outcome too 
  • He said by my next appointment the other baby will be gone. He said it is very common. I am just thankful for one healthy baby. I hope the best for you. Keep me updated! 
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