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FFFC (Flame Free Friday Confessions) 9/6

Let's hear some confessions, ladies!

*Not actually guaranteed to be flame free*

Me: 34 | H: 39
Married Sept. 2013
DS: Nov 2016
MMC: 11/16/18 (9w6d)
CP: 2/3/19 (5w3d)
BFP!  8/24/19 at 12 DPO
EDD: 5/3/19  *please stick, baby*

Re: FFFC (Flame Free Friday Confessions) 9/6

  • @shamrocandroll totally agree. Stop making me feel bad about my sedentary lifestyle!
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  • My SO is at work until late and I’m alone with my girls (7,4). I should be playing a game or having bonding time, but I’m exhausted. iPads for them and The Bump for me it is. 😝 

  • Hahah @shanana_3 and @ruby696 DS is currently chewing up ice cubes, spitting them on the floor and sucking the whole mess back up in his mouth. It's gross, and we've tried to get him to stop, but it makes him happy so whatever.

  • Omg thanks for the laugh guys! My sister is a germophobe and yesterday her 2.5 yo picked up her plate of pizza and crackers and dumped it on the floor. She threw everything away including the plate! Then she looked appalled when I commented “my floor is clean” 🤷‍♀️ Still not sure why the plate had to go, and the pizza landed toppings up....
  • @JStill0603 Pizza landing toppings up is good in my book. 
  • @JStill0603 I don’t know why throwing away pizza that landed toppings up on a clean surface hasn’t been made a felony yet, tbh
  • @JStill0603 I very recently discovered that eating food that has touched the floor is a VERY divisive topic. I’m very pro-floor food, btw. 

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