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High risk

I was considered high risk with my last pregnancy because of my age and gestational diabetes. I think it can be scary to hear for ftm but it just meant extra care ! I assume it will be the same this time anyone else in the same boat???

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  • I’m considered high risk for this one based on age, BMI and having Pre-E with my last pregnancy. This will be my third baby. Feeling good and baby is measuring where it should be so I’m not too worried. It is kinda scary when we hear “high risk” though. 
  • I'm high risk because of a history of RPL. I also had cholestasis with my last pregnancy which has a very high recurrence rate so I'm kind of expecting that I'll develop it again.
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  • I'll probably be high risk since I had pre-eclampsia last time.
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  • I’m always considered high risk due to a congenital heart defect. I had to check in with my cardiologist before getting pregnant and then see him once or twice during the pregnancy. He also recommends IV antibiotics during delivery to avoid bacterial endocarditis. It wasn’t bad last time. I’m hoping it will be the same now. 


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  • I’m high risk this time around due to being over 35 (just turned 36 in Aug), having twins and having to take lovenox (low dose blood thinner) due to APLS (I have anti-bodies that make my blood clot really well).  I’d probably be considered high risk regardless due to our history (*TW* DD was stillborn **endTW**).  So... I’m looking forward to my first OB appointment to see how everything is going to be different than last time around.
  • I'm high risk because I have weird anatomy! I have uterine didelphys (a double uterus) and therefore have delivered previous pregnancies early. DS was born at 34w3d and DD at 35w5d. I am usually on progesterone injections weekly from 16weeks on and on procardia to help calm down uterine contractions.  
  • Warrior women!!!! You are all so strong and definitely not at all alone! I’m glad we can all support each other! 
  • I am considered high risk right now. I am pregnant with twins but they can only see one heartbeat right now. I also have high blood pressure. I am hoping to go back in on Thursday & they see two heartbeats! I will be 8 weeks along by then 
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