Sept 2019 - Birth Parents

Did you place a child for adoption? Is your child in a foster home? If so, please tell us more about you and your experiences. 

-Are you the birth mother or birth father?

-At what age was your child placed for adoption? or in a foster home?

-Do you have contact with your child or the family that adopted them or is fostering them?

-What kind of contact?

-How did you handle knowing you were placing a child?

-Any tips from your experience?

-What was your experience, overall?

-GTKY (get to know you) Favorite music genre?

Me:28 | DH: 28
Married: 07-2014
TTC #1: Since November 2015
Restarted TTC "count" Oct. 2016
     due to previous issues.
BFP: 11/4/2016
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