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Anti-Lupus Coagulant

I just tested positive for Anti-Lupus Coagulant after three miscarriages (two in early second trimester and one end of first trimester). The dr said to repeat it after 12 weeks because I guess sometimes there are false positives. Has anyone else tested positive for it and retaken the test? What was your end result? I'm really curious to know if there's a high rate of false positives or not. I'm on pins and needles trying to figure out if I finally got an answer. 

Re: Anti-Lupus Coagulant

  • I tested positive for this. I have had two live births, two miscarriage and a cp. My RE put me on baby aspirin 81 mg to treat it. She waited 4 weeks and retested. The baby aspirin is working (my blood test results showed no Anti- Lupus Coagulant. The evidence of this causing Recurrent Miscarriage is unknown. I have read some reports saying it did and some reports saying it didn’t. I just decided I would rather treat it. I hope this helps. 
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