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Intro-Child mentioned PCOS Mentioned

Hello there II am Jess, it's been a while since I have used the Bump boards. I was diagnosed with PCOS after trying for my 3rd and last baby. I looked for a PCOS board but I didn't see or I missed it. I don't really know much about it yet besides my new diet the Dr. put me on. As well as Metformin to see if that will get me to ovulate.  Any advice on PCOS/ Metformin is very much welcome! Thank you 

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  • I have PCOS and I've been on metformin for 4 years before we TTC. I was also on birth control to try and regulate my periods. My periods were random but I actually had them with the combo! I wasn't getting one before starting the two!

    Fast forward to June 2018, my husband and I finally tied the knot and we decided to get off birth control almost immediately to start seeing how my body would react. I started testing my ovulation twice a day, every day.. and I was not getting a positive. I gave it until February 2019 and I was fed up. I didn't have a period or a positive ovulation at all in the 8 months I was testing. My doctor was zero help so I decided to do some research and found an OBGYN who specializes in PCOS! She is absolutely fantastic. She put me on prevera to kick start my period, then femera to ovulate. It worked. I got my period (finally, 9 months after our wedding) and I had my first ovulation test!! And we got pregnant on that first round. We are expecting our little man in December!

    Metformin worked for me for a period in combo with b/c to get a period.. while it wasn't regular, I was getting one. It looks like I don't ovulate with just metformin. Everyone's PCOS is so different. My girlfriend just got pregnant with PCOS on just metformin. Make sure you stay vigilant and talk with your doctor about any concerns. If they don't listen, find a new doctor. I'm in a smaller city.. and I found a specialist! If you don't ovulate with it (give it some time, but I was done waiting!) talk to your doctor about femera. It's like clomid but my doctor said it's more prescribed for PCOS. And that worked wonders for us!

    Best of luck with the journey. PCOS sucks, but you're not alone!
    Lady Leigh
  • Sorry for the late reply, I love my Dr.  She had to take me off of Metformin because my liver can't handle it. 
    I get tested the 21st and she will start me on Clomid but I will also ask about Femara. I didn't even know it existed.  

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  • **lurking** (and TW)

    I also have PCOS and was completely non responsive to clomid. I switched doctors and they put me on femara. It worked the first time (with IUI) and I got pregnant with my now 6 year old DS. Definitely ask about it!
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