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First name to go with middle name Sawyer

I have 9 more weeks to go and I'm not loving any name at this point. I want to love this baby boy's name as much as my other 2 children. I've searched and searched! I'm so burnt out with searching. The only name I like is Sawyer and my husband has agreed we can use that as a middle name. He likes Cole as a first name, but he doesn't seem to love it. He's burnt out too. And yesterday I was told Cole Sawyer sounds like coleslaw or cold sore. Does it? Am I looking to far into it?

My son is Evan Alexander
My daughter is Vada Renee

What first name do you suggest? I like southern names, but all suggestions are appreciated. I just need to see a name and feel that it's the one. I really appreciate your suggestions, feedback and help!

Re: First name to go with middle name Sawyer

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