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  • areseearesee
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    @independentgeorge Some great ideas. I was at a concert recently and ran into a friend from high school. Twice she went to get drinks and offered to get me one, but I politely declined. The second time she brought me back a can of rose and said she just couldn't help herself. I took like three tiny sips and "shared it" with my husband, who basically chugged the rest of it when no one was looking. He is not a wine fan...

    It was very sweet of her, because I think she thought I wasn't being included, but if someone declines alcohol, always respect that decision. 
  • Those of you getting ultrasounds, are you getting abdominal ones or transvaginal ones at this point? I remember getting a transvaginal one at 6 weeks last time, but this time my 1st uktrasound isn't till 9 weeks.
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  • KFrobKFrob
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    @kathryn0903 All of my ultrasounds prior to the NT scan have been transvaginal 
  • @Kathryn0903 Mine was transvaginal. I think the next one will be too. I’ll be about 10 weeks then. 


    Me 33 DH 33 TTC since Jan 2019 PCOS

    DS1 born September 2017
  • FTM here and curious how soon you STM(+)s start using lotion/cream to help with any potential stretch marks?? Do you slather it on everything (butt, thighs, tummy, boobs) or just belly? Any recommendations on safe brands/ones that have worked well previously for you? Thanks! 
  • I used bio oil and Aveeno lotion on my bump, because all the stretching skin made it itchy. But my OB said stretch marks are genetic, and you'll either get them or you won't.
    A friend said her baby's heart rate went up when she used the cocoa butter one, but 🤷
  • @liselotte77 I remember around the beginning of the 2nd trimester starting to use lotion on my belly. I just used regular lotion, nothing specific for stretch marks. I remember my belly being very itchy as my skin was stretching, and that's what reminded me to moisturize frequently. I ended up not getting any stretch marks on my belly at all. I did not, however use lotion on my boobs or anywhere else. I didn't even think about it. I wish I had though, because by around 20 weeks my boobs had stretch marks.  :/
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  • I have a question for anyone who is tall or has a tall spouse with 2+ carseats. MH is very tall and puts the seat all the way back. Our DS is still rear facing, and I would like that to be as long as possible. But we tried his car seat behind the driver and then DH doesn't fit at all. We have a Subaru Crosstrek, which I love love love, and a Graco 4ever seat, which I also love love love. 

    But for any tall people with two cars seats, what car do you have that works? Or maybe you have a smaller car seat? 
  • KFrobKFrob
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    @babybison My husband is 6'6" and drives a mini van.  He was DYING to get one because it's the only car that seems to be roomy enough for him and the car seats.

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  • @Kathryn0903 mine u/s will be at 8w. They will start with abdominal and move to transvaginal if necessary. Standard care here is an 8w dating u/s so it has been the same with all of my pregnancies.

    @liselotte77 I just used my regular moisturizer and didn’t do anything specific. I didn’t get stretch marks on my stomach, but do have minor ones on my hips and boobs (breastfeeding). 

  • @babybison We bought a Graco 3 in 1 for DH’s car, because the 4ever was too big (that’s what we have in mine). It’s still a bit uncomfortable, but he has a small car. My brother gave us a Britax that I want to try because it looks smaller, but DH hasn’t had a chance to put it in the car. I did research trying to find a good car seat for this issue and the Britax was recommended, but it won’t grow with DS the way the 4ever or the 3 in 1 will. 


    Me 33 DH 33 TTC since Jan 2019 PCOS

    DS1 born September 2017
  • jd614jd614
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    Anyone have a hematoma? The doctor found one at my ultrasound yesterday and said it’s not at all harmful or an issue but that I will likely have some bleeding , even similar to a light period (more than spotting). Just curious if anyone had one in previous pregnancies when you saw the bleeding. I’m 8 weeks tomorrow . She said if I make it to 14 weeks without any I’m likely in the clear. 
  • @mandarenee898 Dull cramping and a feeling of a full uterus are good signs in my opinion. It just means things are stretching and growing. With my first I was worried at first but then when they went away I started to worry haha. 

    @ruby_love I am still having one home brew coffee a day. This mama NEEDS it. (I solo parent 90% of the time because of my husbands job) I’m pretty sure I quit with DD because of our infertility issues but this second time around I can’t give it up. 

    @mflowers929 Say you’re on antibiotics and you can’t drink on them. 

    ***TW****MC mentioned & BFP mentioned***

    me 38 DH 39.  
    TTC#1 since July 2014
    AMH 0.1, DOR, Poor responder
    Moved to Prague, Czech Republic for IVF
    2 Natural IVF cycles, 3 full IVF cycles, 4 transfers, 1 BFP - heard heartbeat at 6w5d
    Diagnosed MMC at 9w1d on 11/30/15
    Headed back home to Colorado 12/12/15

    DE attempt in Czech Republic!! 

    March trip to Prague canceled due to Pancreatitis. :sob:
    Headed to Prague April 30
    3 different donors resulted in 1 PGS tested embryo and 1 fresh embryo
    2 embryo's transferred (from 2 different donors) on 5/10/16
    BFP on 5/15/16 at 5dp5dt
    Beta 1 = 81 at 8dp5dt, Beta 2 = 295 at 10dp5dt, Beta 3 = 891 at 12dt5dt. Beta 4 = 2114 at 14dp5dt, Beta 5 = 4916 at 16dp5dt, Beta 6 = 13252 at 19dp5dt
    Heartbeat at 6w5d 133BPM <3
    We are having a GIRL!!! Due Jan 26, 2017

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  • As far as caffeine goes, I have been getting half-caff almond milk lattes. One shot regular, one shot decaf latte. It should be under the 200 mg and gives me a boost. 

    My question is — do you pregnant ladies change the litter box? I’ve been reading you’re not supposed to, but this is one of my main chores. Thanks for your feedback. 
    DH went with me to my first prenatal appt and the nurse was adamant about it. So he was forced to change the litter. That was three years ago and I never went back!  :D jokes on him!
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  • @goodyloves - If possible, pass the chore to someone else! It's a great excuse and then no worries for you. If that is just not an option, we were advised that I should wear gloves and wash hands hot water and anti-bacterial soap. Luckily for me, it was always DH's chore but I would do it occasionally if he was out of town or something. 

  • Does anyone take gummy pre natal vitamins ? I officially can no longer stand swallowing the huge horse pills. My dr said gummies were totally fine...but for some reason it feels like I am cheating!
  • @jd614 I totally do, no shame. It's the only way I know I'll take them every day.
  • @jd614 I do. I've always struggled swallowing pills, so gummies it is. I think they stink and taste nasty, but a small annoyance.
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  • @jd614 Im a gummy taker also plus chewable calcium w Vitamin D (I was deficient) and also just got a chewable iron supplement since my gummies have none. I cannot swallow pills, so I always get shots, liquid or chewables for everything lol
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