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Baby #5- our 2nd boy. Long list of names but stuck

We have 13 year old twin girls, a 7 year old son, a 3 year old daughter. Baby 5 is a rainbow bab . We tried for 14 months and had 6 chemical pregnancies. We stopped trying after the last loss and got our miracle rainbow baby.
Here are our other children's names in order: 
Kendall Joy
Kaydence Rose
Brady Thomas
Avery Hope

Do any of the names on our lost jump out or do you have another suggestion? Meaning is important to us also. 

Baby #5- our 2nd boy. Long list of names but stuck 35 votes

28% 10 votes
8% 3 votes
22% 8 votes
11% 4 votes
11% 4 votes
14% 5 votes
2% 1 vote

Re: Baby #5- our 2nd boy. Long list of names but stuck

  • Gavin by far!
  • I voted Grant but love Gavin too.
    I'd say no to Kellan and Colby since you already have 2 "k" names. 

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  • Love Grant! 

    I would spell Tristan with an A, since that’s the common spelling of the name.
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  • Finn- yep I like it better with the a also. I think I hit the O after typing preston the name before 🤪 

    Grant is my favorite but dh doesnt love it like I do. His name is Ryan and i thought maybe he might like Grant Ryan but I dont love Ryan with it. I feel like it needs a 3 syllable middle name. His twin brother is Elliot so Grant Elliot is cute.
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    Voted voted for Grant, but would have voted for Tristan if spelled properly. 

    Would eliminate Kellen completely, WAY too close to Kendall. 
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  • Tristan and Gavin are not my favorites.
    adding Tyson
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