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Hump Day Bump Day ladies!

 I figured there are enough people asking and wanting one. Second tri comes next week for some ladies, so let’s do it! 

Show off the bumps (or bloat, or whatever it is at this stage)  :D 

Re: HDBD!!!

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  • @miss.sally loove your dress
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  • jenEPjenEP
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    @miss.sally @keeksie84 You ladies look great! I'm so glad I am not the only one who is showing already. I cannot hide this bump at all! 
  • You guys all look great! I just look like Like i need to hit the gym  :D
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  • @silverhope thanks! It’s actually a skirt that I put over the bump and tied a tank top up!! 
  • Oh my gosh, I am loving all of these pictures!  I'm tempted to skirt off to the bathroom and take a quick picture, except I really think I just look like I quit working out and started eating all of the things (which isn't as inaccurate as I'd like to believe, but I promise there's a baby in there, too!).
  • @Malidocious I’m pretty sure mine is mostly the lunch I had just eaten also. But I’ll take it! 
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    So cute! I'm definitely in the just looking bigger/blobbier category for now.
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