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Anyone have success with the baby whisperers pick up/put down sleep training method? First attempt I picked up my 4 month old son 127 times over an hour and a half and he was still screaming so I gave up. I’m thinking it’s not the right fit for us, but not sure if I just didn’t see it through. 

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  • Personally I don’t think that method is useful. Picking up the kid just creates a sleep association and interrupts the process of self-soothing, IMO. I had good success with Ferber for both kids. It only took 2-3 nights to work. The first nights there was crying, but not as long as what you’ve dealt with. Chances are if you would have just left him to CIO (extinction) or CIO with checks (Ferber) without picking up, he would have fallen asleep in that timeframe. 
  • I agree, we’ve done Ferber method and CIO for increasing intervals: 5 minutes, call down, 10 minutes, calm down, 15 minutes, calm down... so far both my girls have done well with it. My 3 year old is still a great sleeper.
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  • We used Ferber with our 6 month old. 2 nights and she was good. Now she wants to be put in bed as soon as she finishes her bottle and sleeps 9-10 hours a night. 
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