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TTCAL Week of 8/19

1. Introduce yourself 
2. Status?
3. R/R:
4.GTKY: What is your favourite season and why? 

Re: TTCAL Week of 8/19

  • 1. Introduce yourself Have had two CPs Nov. '18 and July '19
    2. Status? Self-Benched this Cycle.
    3. R/R: Am so happy my basement finally got fixed after two months of waiting and I can finally clean it up properly down there. Will also be able to purge some stuff and organize. We had flooding due to rain almost every day. Not much of a summer.
    4.GTKY: What is your favourite season and why? I normally really like summer because its warm and where I live its winter-like weather 6+ months in a year. Spring is nice too because it means summer is coming! 
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  • 1. Introduce yourself- miscarried 2014 and 2019
    2. Status? TWW
    3. R/R: So much to rant and rave! 🤣 Rave that I was able to get a new cell phone this weekend. We had horrible cell service and had to change providers. Boo that my cell phone bill is going to increase. 

    I feel like I am in limbo. I want to test but I cannot bring myself to do it... I just keep thinking about if I am KU right now there is nothing else they can do, so what is the point. I have enough anxiety about everything and I just don’t want to think about more blood draws, are my numbers going up, how is the baby looking on the sonogram. It breaks my heart knowing I may never get to enjoy being pregnant if we do conceive again.😔
    4.GTKY: What is your favourite season and why?

    My favorite season is fall. I love the leaves changing and football! Pumpkins!!! Pretty much everything!!!! ❤️🏈🔥🍁 
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  • @ottergirl81 yay for a fixed basement!!! That is wonderful! Cleaning and organizing are good for the soul! 
  • ruby696ruby696 member
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    @ottergirl81 I'm so glad your basement is fixed and you can start getting everything back in order!

    @Mamaof2beautifulgirls Ugh, I'm sorry. I totally get where you're at. No advice. Just sending hugs. ❤

    1. Introduce yourself Not new - 3 MMC's and 3 CP's.
    2. Status? IVF - waiting for egg retrieval 
    3. R/R: I'm so busy this week at work and I'm really trying to stay stress free. I have an US tomorrow to see where my follicles are at and I'm really hoping retrieval is soon. Off next week, so I'm looking forward to that.
    4.GTKY: What is your favourite season and why?  Fall! I love everything about it. And I'm so excited it's almost September, even though September is still hot. 

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  • 1. Introduce yourself- not new, 3 prior losses 

    2. Status? Benched- tentatively TTC starting in October depending on how MFM consult goes 

    3. R/R: Rant- it’s  taking forever to get my MFM consult. High risk pregnancies take precedence over preconception consultations which I get but I’m so sick of waiting. 

    4.GTKY: What is your favourite season and why? 

    Fall- I live in the Midwest so it is very colorful and pretty, and I hate our hot summers. 

    @Mamaof2beautifulgirls I’m sorry you’re feeling so stressed. Sometimes I think back to my first pregnancy (before it went to shit) and wish I could have that happy naivety again. 
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  • @ottergirl81 where the heck do you live? I'm in California and our summers are constantly over a hundred degrees with zero chance of rain! I'm glad your basement is fixed!

    @Mamaof2beautifulgirls ah to be young and naive again where you didn't worry about something going wrong. I wish you strength, because I know how hard this shit is. Sending you all the hugs!

    @ruby696 ahhhhh it's getting so close! FX for an amazing US and a quick and plentiful egg retrieval! Also, enjoy your week off 😊

    @Kurtni sorry it's taking so long for your consult. I hope the time flies by for you!

    1. Introduce yourself: nmc 2016, cp 2018
    2. Status? Wto
    3. R/R: on Friday I had a dream that I had a lump in my breast so of course I woke up and started checking. I didn't feel any lumps, (because dreams are totally always right  :D) but I did notice an indentation (indentation?). I called and made an appointment with my pcp for this morning, and I'm happy to report that it's totally normal, that all my weight loss has caused a loss of fatty tissue in my breasts. 
    4.GTKY: What is your favourite season and why? I like winter. It's just so magical with the lights and the music....I can't wait. I'm one of those people that love it when Christmas music is playing in the stores in November, lol DH hates it, we're an odd pair 😂
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    @splashmountain I am glad that dream wasn’t real! It’s great you are so proactive! 

    Edited because spelling is hard in the mornings! 
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    1. Introduce yourself:brand new here, CP this last cycle
    .2. Status?TTC ... tentatively
    3. R/R: Really enjoying these final weeks of summer but I am sick of the heat! It's just not enjoyable to me...come on fall! haha
    4.GTKY: What is your favourite season and why...I love the spring, when all things are new and green. I love spring rain and warm afternoons and no bugs yet too. But fall is pretty wonderful too.
    @ottergirl81 so stoked for you on that basement always feels so good once it's done!
    @Kurtni ahhhh the frustration is real! I hope they get you in and you feel like a priority too.
    @Mamaof2beautifulgirls Ohhhh girl. I know the feeling and I'm sending you love. The TWW has become such an eternity of time, sending all the baby vibes your way.
    @ruby696 I hope you get to enjoy that time off, and yay for fall. It's truly wonderful
    @splashmountain weird dreams are soooo great (not). I'm glad everything turned out okay!
  • ble1ble1 member
    @ottergirl81 I live in PA and there has been so much rain.  Thats awesome the basement is finally how you want it!

    @Mamaof2beautifulgirls the wait is nerve wracking I always tell dh to keep my mind busy. 

    @ruby696 fx for your retrieval

    @Kurtni hopefully the wait goes fast and the dr is able to answer all your questions and get the process going. 

    @splashmountain I had a nightmare last week someone broke into our house, couldnt fall back asleep. Glad the dr didnt find anything

    @queenfrostine21 Welcome! Its under unfortunate circunstances but hopefully your stay here will be short!

    Introduce yourself 
    2. Status? Partial Molar Feb 2018
    3. R/R: we're going to the beach over Labor Day with some of my family so I'm really looking forward to spending time with them
    4.GTKY: What is your favourite season and why? Spring I love the break of winter with flowers and everything green, our magnolia tree blooms which I love seeing. Then summer late nights, ice cream, poolside
  • @Kurtni I hope the doctor will get you in fast! I know you want answers... but most importantly to move forward with your ttc journey. Hugs

    @queenfrostine21 Welcome. I hope your stay here is short. I am so over the heat too!

    @ble1 Have a great time at the beach and think of me!!! 😍

  • @queenfrostine21 Welcome, hope your stay here is short, sorry for your loss. Send some heat my way, our summer has been on the cooler side with lots of rain.

    @ble1 enjoy your labor day weekend! Hope you have fun😄
  • Hi all! Nice to meet you but I hope none of us are here to stay!

    1. I'm new here - CP July 2019
    2. Status - TWW (and dying of impatience at only 6DPO)
    3. R/R - just got back from our 5th Disney vacation and decided to buy into the Disney Vacation Club (super excited and it's an amazing first wedding anniversary gift to ourselves ❤). Hoping to have brought back some extra Disney magic.
    As for my rant - school starts in 2 weeks and I still don't have a teaching job lined up. Super annoyed at myself because I missed applying for a 4 month contract that was in the school/classroom I taught in for part of the last school year- of all of the jobs not to see posted, that was not the one to miss! I would have been practically guaranteed to get it. Oh well...
    4. Favourite season - summer! Only season that is guaranteed to have a stretch of better weather where I live lol! I also love to be warm. I also love Sept/early Oct too in Eastern Canada 😊

  • @Knottie6e4fec44f58a32ac
    Hi👋 I'm new here too. I'm so sorry for your loss and hope you get to find a teaching job♥️
    @ottergirl81 deal! you can have the heat I don't want it haha, and I'll take your rain.
    @ble1 enjoy your trip!!!

    Thanks all for welcoming me💜
  • @queenfrostine21 welcome and I'm sorry for your loss. And I love summer, but if we could stay under 100 degrees, I'd be happy.

    @ble1 the breaking in dream would be so scary! Have fun at the beach, we were there at the beginning if the month and it was wonderful

    @Knottie6e4fec44f58a32ac yay for Disney vacation club! That sounds amazing! We are DIsney junkies around here too. I'm sorry for your loss. Also, I would recommend logging into the knot and changing your username so it's easier to recognize and tag you.

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