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TTC after 35

New to all of this!

 I was so happy to see a board for women over 35! My age is something that has been weighing on me lately, so I am hoping to find some other ladies that can relate. I just turned 36 and my husband and I started TTC in May. I spent so many years trying not to get pregnant that I never realized how much work could go into trying to get pregnant.

One of our biggest issues is our schedules. I work days and he works nights, so I’m in bed when he gets home and He’s still sleeping when I leave for work. I’m off in the summer so we were really hoping for a BFP before we go back to never seeing eachother. Doing the BD can be really hard when we only have 2 days a week together.

Im in my fertile window right now, so fingers crossed. Last chance this summer!

anyone have a similar issue or advice if we don’t succeed this month?

Re: New to all of this!

  • Hi there! I'm a two-time grad of this board (I was 35 when TTC #1 and 39 for #2) and not planning on any more kids but still drop by occasionally to "give back" since I learned so much on this board. It sounds like you're already tracking your fertility. If you can pinpoint it specifically (I used OPKs and Fertility Friend charting), can you take half a day off when you know you're ovulating (or near it)? I travel a lot for work and project my charts into the future and then try to avoid being away during the fertile window. 

    Also, this board is sadly much less active than it used to be, for a number of reasons (including very aggressive moderating practices). If anyone is around, you might encourage them to do weekly check-ins, etc, to build the community back up.

    Good luck in your journey!

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