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1st Trimester

Discomfort lower right side and thigh normal?

I've been having different pain, discomfort, twinges in my abdomen off and on and I read this was normal due to uterus growing and skin stretching...however I have this discomfort on lower right side leading into my upper right thigh as well as a bit of the inner right thigh. It's been constant for a few hours now. Not really pain or cramps just this discomfort...maybe pressure is the tight word. anyone else ever experience this? anyone think its cause for worry?

Re: Discomfort lower right side and thigh normal?

  • Day 2 and still have this pressure. Didn't bother me at night but as soon as I woke up I could feel it. Anyone out there experience something similar? I dont know if I should go to an emergency room or if that's too dramatic. I can still function, it's just constantly there. :(
  • Your doctor probably has a nurse line you can call and ask.
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  • Anything on the lower right side could be an indication of appendicitis. Definitely talk to your doctor or go to urgent care if it's still bothering you. 
  • @reyna0120. I would contact your Dr.  Better to always put your mind at ease and make sure everything is ok.  Keep us posted.  Sending you positive vibes.  

    I am almost 10 weeks (FTM and AMA 41y/o) and just started getting mild, but noticeable pains (on and off) in some areas (under ribs, down my abdomen sides and in my pelvic creases).  The pains/twinges/aches/tears all feel different and nothing consistent, more like background noise.  I’ve never really had cycle cramps so I don’t have anything to compare it to.  I called Dr and she said it’s probably gas pains (no spotting or bleeding).  Anyone else feeling weird pains/aches near ribs and above belly button area? Laying down is the only position that I don’t notice them.  

    Thanks all! 

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