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Going into labor before scheduled c-section

So with my first child, I had an emergency csection..with my second, it was scheduled. Now I’ll be having another one scheduled. I’m due on the 28th of September which is a Saturday & my doctor scheduled it for the morning of the 23rd (Monday). My question is..if I go into labor before then, will they put me under of will it go just like a regular procedure? I wanted to try to induce labor on my own at home before the scheduled date because of my kids school hours & babysitter issues. I don’t want to make anything more inconvenient for the person keeping my kids while I’m in the hospital. Thanks in advance ! 

Re: Going into labor before scheduled c-section

  • I’m not sure whether or not they would put you under but I think doctors are pretty against you going into labor before your scheduled c-section. Mine won’t even do any cervical exams because he’s afraid to induce labor. I would think if you were to put yourself into labor it would be a much greater inconvenience to you, the baby and the doctor than going to your scheduled section would be to your babysitter. Although 39 weeks is considered full term there’s a reason doctors don’t electively delivery before then. I know it’s hard but hang in there momma! 
  • Dont worry, that happened to me with my 2nd child.  If you go in to labor early, they'll likley just see how it goes, but if a cesarean is necessary, they'll give you a spinal for the surgery.  I had that done, and I was awake for the surgery.  It really depends on your doc and your and baby's health.  You should be able to ask your doc that though now so that you know what to expect if you go in to labor early.  

    Since you've had a cesarean already though, be careful with trying to induce on your own.  You dont want to do anything unintentionally that could compromise your or baby's health.  

    Hang in there, and I hope you can get some extra support for your other kid's while you deliver your baby.  Only a few weeks away! So exciting!!  
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