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I'm so curious about how your little one's are sleeping? I know it can be very erratic with newborns. Our boy was born 7/19 ( almost a month now) and last night only slept from 3-4am and 5-830am. The rest of the night we were up. Any ladies experiencing this too? Tips or tricks? Lord help us all 🤣 Do you nap during the day? Sending hugs to all the momma's surviving! 

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  • Ours is 5 weeks tomorrow... Most nights, she will do three hour stretches and will go Beck to sleep pretty well. She's all over the place during the day, and she gets really cranky when she's too tired to sleep. I usually get two 2 hour night time naps... I rarely get a daytime nap. 
  • We will be 6 weeks tomorrow and sleep is still pretty inconsistent. Sunday she was up every two hours, and the last two nights she’s done 2 four hour stretches. 

    We started sleeping in the pack n play this week because she outgrew the bassinet attachment and swaddling seems to help some
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  • Our baby is 6 1/2 weeks now.  During the day he has two or three good naps of an hour and a half to two hours, and then goes through this fussy period of barely napping and constantly eating smaller amounts from 5 pm till 10 or 11 pm, and getting cranky because he's tired but won't sleep.  Overnight (after 11 pm) he does a couple longer naps up to three hours between feedings and diaper changes.  A four hour stretch of sleep would be great - hope we get there soon!
  • Ours is one month old.

    Two weeks ago my father in law asked me if baby was sleeping through the night yet. At two weeks old. 

    I wanted to tell him, "That's not how any of this works!"
  • @Cbeanz Those types of questions make me so irritated.  I have gotten the "sleeping through the night" one for weeks now, from people who had kids so they should know better!  I also get shocked reactions when I say he sleeps for 2-3 hours at the most right now.  Do people somehow suppress their memory of nights with a newborn?
  • We're almost at 7 weeks here and I'm noticing a step backwards as far as consistent sleep patterns and sleeping longer at night, compared to week 5... it's almost like he wants to feed more often now instead of bigger feeds less often.  Maybe I'm looking too hard for a pattern at this point and it's still just random?  Anyone have a baby this age (or previous babies) and notice something like this?
  • 5 weeks tomorrow and I feel like she sleeps all the time. Bedtime around 9 pm and then she is up between 2 or 4 to eat and back to sleep until somewhere around 5-7 to eat again, back to sleep until she is up for the day around 9 or 10. She stays awake for a couple hours and then naps most of the afternoon until she has another awake period around 5. She grabs a quick power nap before we start our bedtime routine.
  • Thanks so much for the feedback. Feel like we're all in the same boat, just slight variations of it. @nielsen27 #sleepgoals lol. I love that little routine you've got going. Have a great day ladies!
  • @hinotes We're just over 7 weeks here and I find that she's going to sleep later. Her sleep stretches are still about the same at 3 hour and 2 two hour stretches...then 3 or 4 hours on my chest. So her stretches are the same but there are fewer of them. She used to go down for the night around 8 or 9pm and now it's around midnight.
  • @Panaceia oh you must be so tired! My first was like that and I was always in tears by the time he went to sleep. At least you are getting a routine down. Hopefully you can gradually adjust babe to go to bed earlier.

    @hinotes I am so with you on the annoying question about sleeping through the night! Especially when your breastfeeding, if baby slept through the night I would be in so much pain and looking like Pamela Anderson come morning!

    @nolemomma14 swaddling is a lifesaver! Only way to get a baby to sleep other than cuddling them all night long
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