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3 month daycare naps

my Sweet baby girl will start daycare on two weeks at three months, she naps fantastically, indicates she’s tired, goes to sleep within 5 minutes, sleeps 1.5-2hrs EXCEPT she will only nap in my arms, I’ve tried to work on putting her down, but awake and drowsy has yet to work, on rare occasions I can move her from my arms to her dock a tot ONLY, anything flat on back is an instant wake up of no return. She does do her night sleep flat on back just not these pesky naps.

I’m so nervous that she won’t nap at daycare where they can’t be swaddled and have to do flat on back. Has anyone had a situation like this? Did it get better? Was it ok? I’ve heard they act different for different caretakers and I’m hoping the daycare workers have some tricks. I’m disappointed I couldn’t get her there here at the end of my leave and I just have these haunting visions of her awake for 8 hours crying at daycare 😭.

Re: 3 month daycare naps

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    Just remember, daycare is going to be a massive adjustment and nap adjustment for baby. Even the best independent sleepers are bound to need some time to settle into new surroundings. So don’t sweat not being where you hoped by now. And remember that these teachers have likely seen it all!
    Hopefully you’ve got some awesome teachers who can partner with you on this. Let them know your concerns and see what they suggest and how you can tag team this at daycare and at home. 
    (Also really recommend Precious Little Sleep for tips on moving baby toward learning to sleep outside of your arms.) 
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    Thanks for your encouragement and the book recommendation!
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    Keep in mind they are used to that.  I couldn't imagine many kids that fall into day care routine right away.  My kids cried and cried and cried.  Never napped, had to be calmed down by one of the ladies so other kids would nap.  He eventually fell right in and became one of their best nappers.  I understand the stress for sure. 
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    Update: what a whirlwind! We are three days in and she’s only napping 30m for a 6 hour stay 😬. But, it’s at least a nap and she’s good spirited otherwise so hoping we can add a second this week or next 🤞then work to lengthen them.

    She is coming home exhausted, sleeps on the car ride, 2.5 hr nap at home then she’s going to night sleep early and last night she slept 7 hours straight, her previous longest stretch was 5-6.

    it’s hard to see her struggle with all the noise, she will doze off but can’t sleep through 3+ crying babies though other babies there do, so I’ve seen it’s possible.

    But...can’t help feeling like I’ve made a terrible mistake on her behalf 😭.

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    You’re doing a great job, and so is she! Going from only wanting to nap in your arms to already napping independently for 30 min in a new setting is pretty damn awesome IMO. Give yourself and her some time to adjust, and before you know it you’ll hopefully both be able to get into a good routine. 
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