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Pain question

is this a pulled/strained muscle or something worse? Im 11 weeks 6 days (havent had a scan or anything yet. Only found out less than a week ago). I have an ultrasound Aug 26th. 
I noticed no morning sickness (similarly with the last 9 week pregnancy). I thought earlier i was dealing with indigestion. But now im noticing more pain in my ribs on my left side. Gal at work said it sounds like a pulled muscle. Its not subsiding at all. 
Should i go to the clinic and see what they say? Im also worried since i haven't heard a heartbeat or anything yet. I will have my first trimester scan and the dating/viability all at the same time on the 26th. 

Re: Pain question

  • Call your doctor if you're worried!
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  • This pain is less of my major worry than the time frame of the pregnancy im in. The beginning of the year i lost a pregnancy at 9 weeks and didnt find out til 12 weeks. I have to wait for an ultrasound at what we are estimating as 14 weeks. I believe this is what worries me the most right now. 
    Ive had a stressful intense couple days at work. Thinking it may be a pulled muscle. If its still there or worse, ill be calling the doctor while im working tomorrow.. 
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  • **lurking**
    Sorry for your loss. I'm no doctor but the one thing I can write that may reassure you is that your uterus/baby is nowhere near your ribs right now (search uterus positional 11 weeks and you'll see). A strained muscle sounds a likely culprit. But really, the internet can tell you nothing definite. Call your doctor if you're worried. 
  • I'd call your doctor if you're worried, but the baby shouldn't be near your ribs yet.  Also, i would question having a "dating" scan at 14 weeks; dating scans are more accurate the earlier they are done, which is why they are typically done before 12 weeks.  Also, if you wanted to have an NT scan and quad screen bloodwork done, that has to be done prior to 14 weeks to be accurate.
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  • *TW*

    I’m with everyone else. I wouldn’t worry about that pain in relation to the pregnancy. But I also don’t understand your doctor, either. 

    Why are they waiting that long for your first scan, (is this first appointment, too??) especially with a history of loss. To wait until even after NT scans are done doesn’t seem like a situation I would stick around for. 

    Was it this way last pregnancy? And to be clear, with the last pregnancy, the embryo grew to 9w, then arrested and you found out at week 12? Because an embryo arresting at 9w is a bit of a different deal than arresting a few weeks earlier. It certainly happens but it’s unusual enough at that point that I think it would be good to have a doctor who is really paying close attention. 
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  • Update: called the doctors office... They told me the baby is still below the belly button at 12 weeks (which i was 12 weeks yesterday when i called). So they even agreed it was more likely a muscle issue. 

    I took a test 2 weeks ago (tomorrow) and it came back positive in less than a minute. I called that monday and got a wednesday appt (7th). The 7th they confirmed the pregnancy. Doctor wanted the ultrasound within the 2 weeks after that appt. When i called the ultrasound clinic their next available appt was the 26th. As of now, we are going by my last cycle to date me (may 22). 

    Last pregnancy, i found out way early (like 3 weeks) due to having to have my hand looked at. Their regimen of treatment required a negative pregnancy test. Well it came back positive. At what we thought was 5 weeks, i slipped on the ice and gave myself a mild concussion and mild whiplash. At what we thought was 7 weeks i had my first ultrasound and was dated at 9 weeks. Within the time between 9 weeks and 12 weeks, the baby stopped growing. I started cramping and slight bleeding at 11w6d. The next day i was at the hospital being told the baby stopped growing at 9 weeks and there wasn't a heartbeat anymore. 
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