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Breech baby. Losing hope.

I’m due on September 19. My baby is still breech. I’m starting to lose hope. Looking for anyone to share their successful stories of their late turning babies from previous pregnancies. My last pregnancy had to be a C-section because my breech baby refused to turn. I hadn’t tried much other than an ECV towards the end.  This time around I learned about acupuncture and chiropractor and spinning babies… I’m doing everything. To no avail so far.  I want more than anything to experience a natural  birth… C-section for me was pretty Traumatic.  I know it won’t be the end of the world but it’s not what I wanted or imagined. And I’m putting so much effort into getting this girl to be the right way.   Looking for positive vibes, keep my hope alive that she will make the big turn ❤️

Re: Breech baby. Losing hope.

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    My 2nd was breech and didn’t flip but I also didn’t try. I know a couple of people where their kiddos flipped literally 10 min before the procedure. It can happen but it’s all up to baby. Sending vibes for the baby to flip. 

    My doctor was like maybe do some handstands in a pool to flip them. 
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