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Weekly Group 1 Check-in (3/1 - 3/8) w/o 8/12

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Team finding out/pink/blue/green: 

Baby is the size of a(n): 

Upcoming appts: 

How are you feeling?: 



GTKY: What's the most recent book you read & loved?

Re: Weekly Group 1 Check-in (3/1 - 3/8) w/o 8/12

  • Where’s my group one at?! 🙋🏻‍♀️

    EDD/W+D: March 3/ 11 weeks today

    Team finding out/pink/blue/green: finding out very soon!!

    Baby is the size of a(n): lime.... since when is a lime an inch and a half?

    Upcoming appts: NT scan 8/26 🤞🏽

    How are you feeling?: It’s really hit or miss. Most days fine, sometimes I get headaches. My lower back has been aching the past few days. And randomly last night I felt suuuper nauseous, which is strange bc I haven’t been suffering with nausea.

    Rants/Raves: Rave... we plan to tell our families next weekend. I start to cry just thinking about it lol.

    Questions: Anyone else planning to get an NT scan, or have had one before? I go back and forth whether or not I want to know. I know someone that got a false positive and it drove her crazy for weeks until it was a confirmed negative with further tests. Is it worth it?

    GTKY: What's the most recent book you read & loved? I’m starting to read Pregnancy Childbirth and the Newborn: A Complete Guide. I can’t say I love it yet but I hope it will be informative!
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  • @slimjoco I’m in group/week 3 but have been popping in to read other groups’ threads this week. I had the NT scan with my first pregnancy and I will do it this time too. I requested it since I’m not AMA (I think my insurance only partially covered it bc of that). I really wanted all the information I could get ahead of time.

    The test found that my baby’s risk was very low after the NT scan, but I probably would have done more intense testing if I received a high risk result. If you are 100% certain your decision about your pregnancy is going to be the same regardless of the NT scan results (and further testing results if you need to go that route), then it might not be worth it to stress yourself out about potentially high risk results. But knowledge is also power so it might be helpful to know if something is wrong ahead of time. 
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    Married: 8/22/15
    BFP #1: 8/22/17 | DS: 4/20/18 
    BFP #2: 7/14/19 | EDD: 3/18/20
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  • @pdx2020 For my in laws we are going to give them a poem and try to have them guess what it’s about 🤗 for my family I’ll probably just blurt it out because I’m pretty sure they all have a suspicion anyways lol. We went through IVF so my family is aware we have been trying for some time. But it’s still super exciting to share!!
  • As I see we’re a bit low on week 1s at the moment I thought I can add to the numbers again! 

    @slimjoco I’ve also had lower back pain the last 1.5 weeks. OB said what I described was normal... just grin and bear it...great! 
    As for NT scan, we’re doing that with the first tri bloods (PAPP-A and free b-HCG) - it’s not super accurate for very young women - gives high rate of false negatives (if you think it’s all super low risk based on the results, then you get a surprise at your anatomy scan) but rate of false positives is quite low. For older women as the algorithm they use to calculate the risks are heavily age weighted, then it’s the opposite way around - you have a much higher chance of a false positive (ie test says high risk, but after doing more invasive tests you find out there was nothing wrong - but exactly have sometimes a month of heartache and risk a miscarriage with the amnio). Also the accuracy level compared to NIPT is very low for T21, with smaller differences for T13 and T18 typically. It doesn’t help identify neural tube defects if that’s a concern. And all the other possible genetic conditions are not screed for at all using this. 
    We are also doing NIPT - so will combine all results together before deciding if we need an invasive diagnostic test. But I am AMA with an IVF pregnancy and some family history of genetic conditions... so for us knowledge is power is the idea.
    I would say it’s a very personal decision, depends how you handle test results and uncertainty, if you will definitely not do an amnio (or terminate) you could just wait for the anatomy scan - as that should also allow enough time to prepare if the baby might have some difficulties (eg change where you decide to give birth, make accommodations at home, learn about the condition etc).

    @pdx2020 sounds like your DH has been an absolute superstar! 
    And I need your tips on how not to stress! We’ve had weekly US up until now to keep my anxiety in order (and check on my adenomyosis). We’re trying to spread that out to Bi-weekly... let’s see if I can manage that or not...!

    EDD/W+D: 7th March, today 10+6 

    Team finding out/pink/blue/green: finding out 

    Baby is the size of a(n): LEGO man!

    Upcoming appts: Intralipids next Friday, Harmony results (we go in person as we’re high risk) in 1.5 weeks

    How are you feeling?: Had a great scan on Monday before the Harmony blood draw. The little one was dancing around and putting its hands in its mouth already! It’s amazing how they change from week to week. 
    This meant my anxiety the last few days has been very low. My nausea is more on-off during the day so starting to get a bit more of an appetite again. The lower back ache and cramps/stretches in new places each time do make me nervous that it’s something bad each time... but just keep repeating “today I am pregnant”. Tiredness is still very real. I could sleep 3+ hours during the day every day, but sadly i need to work! So it’s early to bed every evening.

    Rants/Raves: So pleased its Friday. It was a busy week at work and I’m looking forward to gently persuading DH to work through some of our job list at the weekend. Job number one is now the lawn at the front as it looks like a jungle!!! This is a bit of a rant as he didn’t do it last week ;-)

    Questions: My favorite question - recommendations for creams to help reduce stretch marks? I know there’s a big genetic component, but any help my body can get will be good!

    GTKY: What's the most recent book you read & loved?
    Ok so I’m really only reading pregnancy and obstetrics books privately at the moment! They each have their pros and cons, so no one I overall would recommend. 
    Otherwise if I’m siting waiting somewhere you can normally find me reading Karin Slaughter.
    Me 43 DH 45
    Married 12/2016
    TTC #1 since 04/2015
    AMA, DOR (AMH 0.65, AFC 2-4) and autoimmune issues (RA, APS), low TSH, adenomyosis
    7 retrievals, 3 transfers
    Jun19 FET BFP, due date 7th March 2020, DD born Feb20
    Sep17 IVF1 - 1ER, 1F, 1ET, BFN
    Nov17 IVF2 - 1ER, 0F
    Jan18 IVF3 - 3ER, 1F, 1ET, BFN
    Feb18 - second opinion and additional testing
    Apr18 IVF4 - cancelled (E2 too high)
    May/Jun18 IVF4 - 4ER, 0M, 1F, 1 frozen day 3 (not best quality)
    Jun/Jul18 IVF5 - 5 ER, 3M, 2F, 2 frozen day 3 (not best quality)
    Jul/Aug18 IVF6 - 4ER, 3M, 2F, 2 frozen day 3 (good quality)
    Aug/Sep18 IVF7 - cancelled (cyst)
    Sep/Oct18 IVF7 - 3ER, 3M, 2F, 2 frozen Day 3 (excellent quality)
    Oct18 IVF8 - Cancelled (cyst and too low TSH)
    Oct18-Jan19 bringing TSH under control
    Feb19 ERA and hysteroscopy
    Mar19 Investigation for fibroid and adenomyosis
    Apr19 adenomyosis confirmed, polyps removed
    Jun19 FET after 2 months Lupron, autoimmune protocol, transferred two day 3 frozen embryos
    Sep17 - Pergoveris 10-17 Sep, Orgalutran 15-18 Sep, Ovitrelle 18 Sep, ER 20 Sep for 2 follies, 1 mature egg, fertilized, ET 1x 2d 4-cell embryo 22/09, 05/10 BFN
    Nov17 IVF2 - Pergoveris 2-14 Nov, Orgalutran 5-14 Nov, Ovitrelle 15 Nov, ER 17 Nov for 3 follies, 1 mature egg, did not fertilize
    Jan18 IVF3 - Pergoveris 30 Dec - 8 Jan, Orgalutran 5-8 Jan, Ovitrelle 9 Jan, ER 11 Jan 3 eggs, 2 mature, 1 fertilized, ET 1x 4d 12-cell embryo 15/01, 24/01 BFN
    May/Jun18 IVF4 - Rekovelle 25-29 May, Menogon 30May - 2Jun, Zomacton 25 27 29 31 May and 2Jun, Cetrotide 30May - 3Jun, Gonasi 3Jun, ER 5Jun 4 eggs, none mature, two matured overnight, 1 fertilized with ICSI, Frozen day 3 but not good quality
    Jun/Jul18 IVF5 - Rekovelle 21-24 June, Menogon 25Jun-3Jul, Puregon 4-5Jul, Zomacton 21 23 25 27 29 Jun, Cetrotide 25Jun-5Jul, Gonasi 6Jul, ER 8Jul 5 eggs, 3 mature, 2 fertilized with ICSI, 2 frozen day 3 but not good quality
    Jul/Aug18 IVF6 - Rekovelle 26-29 Jul, Menogon 30Jul-7Aug, Buserelin 26Jul-7Aug, Zomacton 26 28 30 Jul 1 3 Aug, Gonasi 7Aug, ER 9Aug 4 eggs, 3 mature, 2 fertilized (normal IVF), 2 frozen day 3 good quality
    Sep/Oct18 IVF7 - Menogon 19-30Sep, Buserelin 19-30Sep, Zomacton 19 21 23 25 27 Sep, Ovitrelle 1 Oct, ER 3 eggs, 3 mature, 2 fertilized with ICSI, 2 frozen day 3 excellent quality 

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  • I am just going to jump right in and hope for the best as I am not one for a big intro post

    EDD/W+D: 11+3

    Team finding out/pink/blue/green: Green...but we will see if I can stay strong

    Baby is the size of a(n): Poker Chip

    Upcoming appts: I had Appt 2 08/14, Appt 3 is 9/13 and it seems FOREVER away

    How are you feeling?: I am a STM (DS is 6) and this is so different than last time- I was throwing up 20+ times a day and was hospitalized twice- this week things FINALLY settled down- so hang in there if you are experiencing anything similar 

    Rants/Raves: DH is being stationed away from home for two whole weeks- he has been so helpful and I do not know how I will do this without him but am so thankful I am feeling a bit better

    Questions: Is anyone else forgoing most of the test- I was super confident in our decision, but after reading all the post am starting to have doubts

    GTKY: What's the most recent book you read & loved? I am headed out to buy some pregnancy books this afternoon! Will update next week
  • @pdx2020 I was having very similar symptoms and it started to turn this week. FX the same for you, it is so tough- hang in there
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