From the Nov 2019 BMB --- wanted to share hope — The Bump

From the Nov 2019 BMB --- wanted to share hope

Hi all,
I happened to go through some of my old posts -- I was active in these boards for a long time.  We went through 6 FET cycles over the past 3 years.  This was after going through cervical cancer (and cervical surgery) as well as thyroid cancer.  I honestly thought it wasn't going to happen for me - I had 3 negatives, an ectopic ,and a chemical pregnancy.  But...I did my 6th FET in February 2019, and this one has stuck,  I'm now 28 wks pregnant, and things are looking good.  Its been a rough pregnancy, but I truly never thought I would make it this far.  I just wanted to share my story in case it helps anyone.  
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