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  • begging4abump Sorry about the pills and eggs. That's an extra shit-sandwich. At least he called to apologize, for that's at least a small indication that he realizes there was an issue (May RE's are way too pompous for even that).  I hope the next un-benched cycle goes way better than this one!
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    Additional RPL testing March-November 2017  
    MC #5: January 22, 2019 (6 weeks)

  • @begging4abump I'm so sorry about your appointment. 
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  • @jrouge12 - oh have a fun road trip! I've only been to acupuncture 4 times so far, it was covered by my insurance with just a small copay so I figured, what the hell. Always looking for new ways to be more calm! I've read that it can help make your cycles regular, balance hormones, help with anovulation, by boosting blood flow to your reproductive system. It's used a lot in conjunction with IUI and IVF but I'm not doing either at this point....basically so far, it's just made me feel relaxed which can't hurt I suppose! I would recommend it just to see if you like it! After my very first appt last month I was so relaxed afterwards that I felt almost woozy and dreamy (in a good way).
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  • m6aguam6agua
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    @begging4abump I'm sorry.  <3
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  • @begging4abump So sorry about how things turned out. So frustrating about your doc’s mistake and now you are benched because of it. Hugs!!
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