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Skin crawling after postpartum

My skin is crawling, there's no rash but its driving me insane. I'm constantly scratching and it occurs  more at night when I'm trying to crazy losing sleep. I'm 2 months pp next week. Help, anyone had or know of this. I read t can be my hormones. What can I do? How long will this last for? Do I call my OB and not my family Dr? 


  • It could be restless leg syndrome, which you can get on all extremities. You may be anemic, which is extremely common postpartum, but aside from iron supplements, I’ve found relief in Advil, a heating pad, deep tissue self massage, dressing warmly for bed, drinking ginger hot tea before bed. Otherwise, I’d mention it to your ob. 
  • In addition to above, it could be magnesium deficiency.
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