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FTM check in / August

Stole this from another group! 

Some questions to start the conversation and continued discussion for the rest of the month! 

EDD / Weeks+ days: 

How are you feeling? (Emotions, symptoms, etc) 

Upcoming appointments: 

Rants, raves, questions: 

GTKY: How old is everyone and their SO? 

Feel free to add! 

Re: FTM check in / August

  • April 6th // 5w+2 

    Feeling better than expected so far symptom wise. Just some cramping and sore boobs. Emotional - excited, nervous, anxious about friends & families reactions. (Not sure why I feel this way- anyone else feel the same?)

    I have a feeling these next few weeks are going to drag on.. I just want to tell everyone! It’s a hard secret to keep and I’ve only known for just over a week. 

    GTKY: I’m 27 and fiancé is 26. We’ve been together for almost 8 years. It’s about a 50/50 split for my friends that have babies / ones that don’t. None of his close friends have babies yet. 
  • Hello!

    I am 5 weeks 7 days (6 weeks?) today, due on April 2nd.

    I am feeling really scared to let myself get excited because of the high chance of loss early on, especially since I am 35 and overweight.

    I am currently on vacation out of the country so I haven't scheduled or had an appointment yet. I called the obgyn clinic I want but they are closed for holidays  until August 12th anyways, so I sent a request for an appointment to another clinic as well a few days ago just to be sure, but haven't heard back (I am in Canada so things take a little longer, though I could go see my family doctor if I was home for the initial blood tests).

    We haven't told anyone about the pregnancy so kath1414 I really feel you- I am also dying to share the secret, every day drags on, I can't wait to have my first ultrasound and get to the end of the trimester. I think I will tell a close friend or two when I get back from vacation so I don't explode... also so I have some support if I mc.

    GTKY: I am 35 and SO is 30, we have been together for 7 years.
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  • I have pcod. We have lost our first pregnancy that too with ivf it was on April and I was 5 weeks when had miscarriage. That was the worst feeling ever. Today I am 5w2d with second ivf and edd is April 6. But I am very nervous this time. Suggest me how to time pass as time is going too slow for me. 
  • EDD 4/5. Currently 5w3d. 

    I am feeling super excited but also anxious. I feel like there is so much I need to learn and do to prepare. I am also overweight and that makes me even more concerned. 

    My first US is 8/21 and first prenatal visit is 8/26. Looking forward to seeing a heartbeat. 

    I am 27, my fiancé is 28. We’ve been together for 7 years. 
  • @kath1414 I am also having sore boobs at the moment. It’s pretty annoying but a bearable symptom for me. My close friends are also 50/50 with kids/no kids. I will actually be the 50/50 split lol
  • @rags2020 I have had periods of feeling super anxious too. I found a new show on Netflix to binge and that has helped keep my thoughts occupied a little 
  • @rags2020 That would be so tough! Do you have any hobbies to focus on? I’ve still been riding my horse regularly and next week going out to the lake for a week. So I hope that will make time go by a bit quicker! 

    @kissofkira That’s awesome you will get an u/s so soon! Where I live it’s only standard to have an anatomy one at 20 wks unless there’s a reason for another. (Early one for dating, late one for size for example). One problem with our Canadian health care system. There is a place I could go and pay $25 for an early one just to see the heart beat so I think I’ll do that. My friend had an ectopic and lost a Fallopian tube so that worries me. 
  • jfjf19jfjf19
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    Im 5weeks 4 days, due April 5! 

    I am 26 and my husband is 27. We are excited, but trying not to dwell on it too much until we have an ultrasound. 

    I had my first blood test today. My first US is 
    September 12. It seems like forever from now, but that was the earliest opening my OB had. 

    Ive had tender breasts, back aches, and some serious gas! I’m cool with it as long as it means I’m progressing. 

    Im having a hard time keeping quiet about it to family and friends. They all know we were trying and keep asking about how “things” are going. 
  • Just noticed this group. Hi everyone!

    I'm currently 4w3d based on LMP

    I'm 34 and DH is 35. This is our first pregnancy, after several years of trying and finally undergoing treatment. I'm feeling a little anxious to be honest, mainly because I dont have very many symptoms. I personally also know of several friends and family who've had early miscarriages, and then gone on to have successful pregnancies. I'm afraid of this  and i think i'll feel better after my 7 week ultrasound. I know it doesnt happen to everyone, but i'm still nervous about it.

    Upcoming appointments: 7 week ultrasound on 8/29

    i asked this question in the other announcement group, but could you tell me if EDD is calculated based on LMP or ovulation (i assume ovulation is more accurate) but i'm not sure. 

    34 y/old FTM (EDD 4/2020)
    History of endo - lap done in 2019 and BFP after 5 medicated IUIs
  • @sanpelligrino I go off LMP until I get my dating scan.
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  • @Kathryn0903 thank you, makes sense. 
    34 y/old FTM (EDD 4/2020)
    History of endo - lap done in 2019 and BFP after 5 medicated IUIs
  • @sanpelligrino I’m going based off of my ovulation, but it’s only 3 days past my LMP EDD. I’ll really focus on accuracy once I get a dating scan. 
  • @ejoseph16 makes sense. My EDD is between 4/11 - 4/13 based on LMP and ovulation and i guess it'll be more accurate after the dating scan. When is the dating scan typically scheduled?
    34 y/old FTM (EDD 4/2020)
    History of endo - lap done in 2019 and BFP after 5 medicated IUIs
  • @sanpelligrino Last pregnancy, I thought it was 6-8 weeks. This time, its 8-10 weeks.
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  • @Kathryn0903 thanks, i'm so clueless about the timing of these scans and tests, i guess i'll figure it out. Right now, i'm just going off of instructions provided by my clinic on when to be seen etc. The only thing i'm trying to be on top of is my thryoid bw, because my TSH levels have been fluctuating even before pregnancy. So i need to keep a close watch on it, i will check every 4 weeks until the dose and value is stable. 
    34 y/old FTM (EDD 4/2020)
    History of endo - lap done in 2019 and BFP after 5 medicated IUIs
  • littleredmlittleredm
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    EDD / Weeks+ days: April 12th, I think I'm somewhere around 4w2d but I'll know more when I go in for my ultrasound.

    How are you feeling? (Emotions, symptoms, etc) I'm super excited! Nervous since it took so much time and assistance to get pregnant but trying to live in the moment and just enjoy being pregnant. My main symptom is that I'm incredibly tired and fatigued.

    Upcoming appointments: Our first ultrasound is scheduled for August 20th! DH and I are very excited for it.

    Rants, raves, questions: Nothing at the moment. I'm sure as time goes on I'll have plenty of feelings and questions.

    GTKY: How old is everyone and their SO? I'm 31 and DH is 37. We've been together for 7 years.

  • @littleredm You and I have the same EDD, i'm also somewhere around 4w3d. Our ultrasound is a week after yours :) I also barely have symptoms except for being really sleepy and bloated. 
    34 y/old FTM (EDD 4/2020)
    History of endo - lap done in 2019 and BFP after 5 medicated IUIs
  • Hello friends 

    There is a heartbreaking announcement I have to make
    I have just lost my twins in the Morning 
    As I told you before I had conceived through ivf and this was my second cycle. Miscarriage happened exactly the same way it happened in the first one. That was my 35th day and today was 38th. I woke up in the Morning and started bleeding. I went to the doctor. They quickly gave few injection to control the situation. Got me admitted and within one n hlf hour I blended clots and lost them. Today was the worst day of my life. Feeling very helpless as nobody knew the reason why this is happening as I am conceiving but it is not staying more than 5 weeks and get aborted naturally. Please please please if any of you know anything about why this could happen please let me know. All the best to you guys. I will pray for you all your well being. 
  • @rags2020 I'm so very sorry for your loss. I hope that the doctors can figure out why this is happening so that you can have answers. Sending prayers and love to you.

  • @rags2020 I’m so sorry to hear this. Life just isn’t fair sometimes. :( 
  • anxious35anxious35
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    @rags2020 I am so sorry to hear that, it is really a horrible emotional rollercoaster. I really don't know what can cause this, except that early mc are super frequent but that women go on to have full term pregnancies after, even after a couple early miscarriages. I hope that if you ask the obgyn in a followup appointment they will have a better answer for you and that they can check to see that it is not happening for some reason that they can identify and prevent and follow your next pregnancy a lot more closely.
  • I'm so sorry dear 😢. I'm praying for your hearts right now for comfort and peace in your grieving. You are not alone.
  • @rags2020 I am so very sorry for your loss. I know there are no words that will heal your feelings but please know you are in my heart and prayers. I don’t have a solution but I pray the doctors will find your healing
  • kalee9kalee9
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    @rags2020 So truly sorry for your loss and thinking of you and praying for comfort, healing and a positive future outcome. 
  • EDD / Weeks+ days: April 3 or 6 (depending if I go by my LMP or date of conception). I’m 5w6d if going by conception. 

    How are you feeling? (Emotions, symptoms, etc) I'm excited, but it still doesn’t feel real yet. I’m nervous about the statistics of pregnancy loss in the early months and trying not to read into everything. Trying to stay positive and remember some things are out of my control and to just enjoy feeling good! 

    Upcoming appointments: Our first appointment isn’t until August 30th. We will be almost 9 weeks by then! 

    Rants, raves, questions:  Nothing at the moment! 

    GTKY: How old is everyone and their SO? I'm 32 and DH is 33. We've been married for 3 years. 
  • sanpelligrinosanpelligrino
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    Welcome @babyrummom - I’m also a little nervous about the statistics of early pregnant loss and had some anxiety the last couple of days because of stuff I read. I had to remind myself to enjoy as this is our first pregnancy as well. I have my first ultrasound a couple of days before yours. My EDD is 4/12 :smile: I have no symptoms whatsoever.
    34 y/old FTM (EDD 4/2020)
    History of endo - lap done in 2019 and BFP after 5 medicated IUIs
  • I’m trying not to stress about it too much, but it’s hard sometimes. I’m just trying to enjoy not having too many symptoms, as well! It helps to hear that other people aren’t having symptoms. I have some occasional cramping (without bleeding) and have to pee a lot, but no morning sickness or major exhaustion. I will celebrate that! 
  • kalee9kalee9
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    I feel the same as you @babyrummom and @sanpelligrino about the anxiety piece, really trying to stop worrying but in general I am an over-thinker so easier said than done. Going to take it one day at a time though 😊. I have an ultrasound the last week of August as well, mainly been feeling more tired than usual and sore breasts. Have a good day ladies! 
  • @babyrummom @sanpelligrino and @kalee9 - I’m with you! I’m similarly trying to stay calm and enjoy the experience, whatever it may bring!

    My estimated due date is April 8, and my first appointment will be September 3 at almost nine weeks. 

    I’m 28, and my husband is 38. We just celebrated our fifth anniversary, and we’re excited about this next chapter.
  • EDD / Weeks+ days: April 15, 5 weeks

    I have spells of extreme exhaustion and have been waking up early, early in the morning. The good news is I’m so tired I’m able to go back to sleep fairly quickly 🤣. I’m not sure if it’s because I’m going to bed earlier than usual or if I am just restless. Occasional discomfort but overall feeling pretty good. 

    Our first prenatal appointment is August 26th. 

    I’m 33 and hubby is 35

  • The queasiness is progressively getting worse .....i think my MS is starting. Just 5 w6d :neutral:
    34 y/old FTM (EDD 4/2020)
    History of endo - lap done in 2019 and BFP after 5 medicated IUIs
  • kath1414kath1414
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    @sanpelligrino I’m 6+5 now and the last few days I’ve felt slightly nauseous off and on! Finding I’m getting more sensitive to smells as well. 

    I was getting a bit worried because the few days before that I felt absolutely nothing!! 

    We have finally told all our parents and immediate family. Quite a few friends know as well! My first appt is on the 30th.. hopefully I’ll get a quick little ultrasound to see the heartbeat! That will make it all feel more real I think! It still doesn’t feel real. 
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