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1st Trimester

Your funny emotional stories

I’m 6 weeks pregnant and I have been verrry moody the past few weeks which has caused some outbursts. This morning I was watching Grey’s Anatomy, which my husband doesn’t like, and he came into the living room; I told him that he could change the show cause I wasn’t really watching it. So I went to go make some breakfast. All the sudden I hear his British show playing. I got so mad and I told him that if I couldn’t watch my show that he can’t watch his, how unfair of me lol. I was so mad and just joking around I was like, “I need to find something to throw at you now” haha I’m so crazy but we were both joking around at this point. My tiny little hair clip was in front of me so threw it at him. Then what he did was put my hair clip in my cup of water and I immediately started bawling, like big lip and all. It was ugly. I was so upset cause I love water. All he could do was laugh at me and then hugged me while laughing. I couldn’t laugh about until about 5 mins after I calmed down. Thinking back, it’s so hilarious! 

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  • I’m 4 weeks today, and over the weekend we went to a monster truck show with our 3yo nephew. They asked all vets and currently serving to stand, then police, firemen, and emt’s To stand... then he asked for doctors, nurses, and teachers to stand to be recognized. I’m a 3rd grade teacher. I stood up and was crying my eyes out. My husband laughed when I sat down, and I was like “what? We never get recognition like this!” He has started calling me captain hormones. Lol
  • That’s amazing! Thanks for sharing haha
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  • Haha Aladdin! Yes we are so blessed with all of these crazy hormones! Lol
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