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Optimum thyroid in first trimester

Hi everyone. I’m currently 4weeks today and just got my bfp 2 days ago. I’m wondering if you knowledgeable ladies might help me out about optimum thyroid levels during pregnancy. When I was TTC, we noticed my TSH levels were fluctuating a bit between 1.4-2.8 every few months, so my RE put me on 25mcg levothyroxine because my last value was 2.8 and they wanted to see it below 1.5. I got my BFP 3 weeks after starting my levothyroxine. Just got my beta HCG and thyroid level rechecked and it was 4.1 today with a free T4 of 1.2. My clinic refused to do a free T3 test, they said TSH and free T4 tests would suffice. I would like to educate myself regarding this. I imagine they are going to increase my levo dose from 25mcg to 50 or 100? Do they need to first put me on 50 and then eventually 100 or could they directly go to 100 mcg. ? Any advise ? 

Re: Optimum thyroid in first trimester

  • @sanpelligrino Are you seeing a Endocrinologist for your thyroid or a PCP? Usually the endocrinologist will be more proactive than a PCP. My OB also said that my endo is to continue monitoring my Hashi’s during the pregnancy... they didn’t even do the routine thyroid labs because my endo was already on it. Not sure if that helps in any way but if you are not under the care of an endocrinologist I would get a referral from your PCP to get one. I doubt they would do a jump like that in dosage. Regardless, good luck and be an advocate for yourself! 
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  • Hi Brooker! I'm seeing a RE at the moment, they will be handing me off to an OB-GYN after my 7 week appointment. I do want to ask them to refer me to an endocrinologist. As of now, they've upped my dosage from 25 to 50 mcg and are having me retest in 4 weeks to see if the dose needs to be modified again. Meanwhile, I think I will ask for an endo referral. Thank you. 
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  • @sanpelligrino Got it! Yes I do highly suggest an endo! Glad to hear they bumped it up, hope you’re able to get all of your levels stabilized soon! ❤️
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