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Hi March Mama to bes

My name is Marilin and my husband and I are merely 8 weeks pregnant with our second child. We have a 14month old son. This pregnancy has started off rough with joint pain and possible carpal tunnel leaving daily tasks painful and difficult. I also have alot of water retention in wrists and legs. This all began at 3weeks (I tested early at only 2 weeks after conception-or husband's lack of self control lol). Doctors find it so odd to be having such symptoms this early. And from what I read, it could be a sign of multiples...which do run on both sides of the family. I will find out the 22nd at my first ultrasound. 

Has anyone else experienced joint pain this early??

Re: Hi March Mama to bes

  • Hi please read the thread **Read First Board Organization*** then intro in the Introductions thread! You will find both as pinned discussions (so up near the very top). We discourage one off posts so your question would be better suited and get more answers in the August symptoms thread or in the weekly question thread!
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