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I currently have two daughter’s named Penelope and Zoe. So, we have an Ancient Greek theme going. I’m newly pregnant with baby number three and was wondering what people’s thoughts were on the necessity of sticking with that theme? Do you think someone would pick up on it without having been told? I do have a boy name and a couple of girl names picked out that would follow that same theme that I would be happy with, but my concern is that if we stay true to the Greek theme with the third child then we’re locked in with that theme if we decide (or the universe decides for us) to have a fourth. Thoughts?

PS if you’re a STM and thinking of going with any kind of theme, don’t! Why put added and unnecessary restrictions on yourself when the naming process is already difficult. 

Re: Baby #3

  • I would have never thought that those names fit into a theme - until you told us.
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  • Definitely not what came to my mind when I saw those names. Just pick one you like for baby #3. It'll be fine. 
  • I would maybe know that Penelope is Greek but never would have known Zoe is. Most people have no clue about name origins. Don’t stress on it and don’t let it limit you.
  • Great! Thank you! Now I can just focus on finding names that seem kind of spunky 😂
  • Arden
  • Also had no idea those names fit a theme. Go with whatever you like!
  • I'd avoid Chloe, but otherwise you're probably fine to go with whatever.
  • @Bringmemylongswordho if the baby is a girl, and we stuck with the theme, we would probably go with Phoebe or Georgia. We thought we could slide Georgia in there since it is the feminine form of George.
  • @doodleoodle Echoing the others that I wouldn't have known Zoe was following a Greek theme. (Which personally I think is cool, because it's makes it special for you without it being obvious to the rest of the world.) Your picks of Phoebe or Georgia are great choices IMO because again, I wouldn't find it obvious that it follows your theme. I would go with one of those :) 

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  • I like Phoebe and Georgia. Throwing my daughter's Greek name into the mix because why not🤷. She is an Alexandria. 
  • I did pick up on the Greek origin of the names and would keep with the theme because, in general, it is pretty subtle. And there are tons of awesome Greek names from which to select. 
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  • If the names were Calliope and Persephone it would be more obvious, but this is very subtle. You have two lovely options (Georgia is my fave ❤️).
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