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Pregnancy + Fire Academy?

Hi, I'm currently roughly 6 weeks along with my 2nd pregnancy. Before I knew I was pregnant (and before we even conceived), I enrolled in Fire Academy. I am curious what others' experiences are with this, as well as advice, what I can expect, etc.

I am very excited to make the career shift to Fire, and I currently work full time as an EMT, so there's a lot of physical work I do that is already normal for my body. And I'm running and strength training daily to get my body used to anything more strenuous. 

I have read very good things on other forums about pregnancy during a career in Fire, but I'm having trouble finding information on pregnancy during Fire Academy, before I'm ever hired.


Re: Pregnancy + Fire Academy?

  • Honestly, I know that women continue to weight lift and run and exercise during pregnancy.  But they tend to ease up their training when expecting.  Fire academy is very strenuous (my dad was in the department for 40 years before retiring) and honestly with the need for energy, strength and needing to give it your 100% all, all day - I honestly feel it's too much. 

    I'm normally not one to say no, and say continue on what you are doing, but this one IMO, I would be hesitant to do.  I say bypass this one and go when they offer it next time after pregnancy.  Just my opinion though.  
  • @Knottie47733448 have you reviewed any potential rules against being pregnant while in the academy? when I did my basic for the military you could absolutely in no circumstances be pregnant. just wondering if that could be an issue. 

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  • This would probably be a good question for your doctor.
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